12,345 + 6,789=’ by Evan Roth

touch03 605x457 12,345 + 6,789= by Evan Roth multi touch finger paintings Evan Roth

Evan Roth is mega. If you don’t know about him, he is making some of the most interesting and compelling art and new media works in the world right. Clever is his game. He is created a series at the moment called “Multi Touch Finger Paintings” where he, you guessed it, does something on a mobile device with tracing paper and calls it art. In this piece above, he adds 12,345 by 6,789… Genius. (via)

David Lynch’s video for “Good Day Today”

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David Lynch has been making some new electronic music. According to Selectism, “Lynch has also  just announced the winners of a competition launched last year for budding filmmakers to make official videos for the songs, Adod (France) and Temek (Israel), and as if recognition wasn’t enough, they also bag £2000 each in prize money.”

At this link, watch Adod’s video for ‘Good Day Today’.” Pretty damn cool.

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