Choe x Baglione x DVS1 @ Nuart 2011

David Choe, DVS-1 and Herbert Baglione collaborated on a massive installation at Nuart this past month, and seemed to have a good time just hanging out and throwing ideas together and working out some issues. Once the black lights came on, the magic was real.

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Definitely Thursday: Noel Gallagher “If I Had A Gun”

Even if this song, when we all hear it completed on Noel’s solo album, is not good, we have this haunting version, captured at an Oasis soundcheck. “If I Had A Gun” may be Noel’s most vulnerable moment, if only for 2 minutes. We just hope it keeps this magic for a full record.

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Michael Jordan says he can score 100 in today’s game… probably right

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… And he said that Kobe Bryant is a top-10 all-time guard, which some are saying was a little harsh… well, MJ, Magic, and Oscar are better… so you can’t really argue that. Some people are a bit offended by MJ saying he could score 100 and his remarks about Kobe, but he’s the Godfather, so who is going to cross him…

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Porous Walker at Fifty24SF with Haricots Magiques

Porous Walker’s next stunt is slated to show at Fifty24SF Gallery, opening June 4th, 2010. He’s getting fancy too – talking in French. Haricots Magiques, which means Magic Beans, is a new collection of works by this quirky artist as well as a few invited friends.

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Not Enough Magic or Just Like Magic or…

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I believe in Magic?

Lots of play on words, you get the idea.  The Orlando Magic were expecting Cleveland to show up but instead Boston did, and they went uh-oh.  Like in The Outsiders when the Soc’s were ready to fight until Swayze (RIP) and the crew rolled up instead of just Matt Dillon and Ponyboy.

Btw, KG is Swayze in this metaphor.

Good luck in game 3 guys, home court advantage is kind of overrated these days anyway, right LeBron?

Also for anyone interested the Wizards pick up #1 Draft pick in the lottery but damn who would want to play in Washington, not even Obama has a stimulus package for this team, (you knew that was coming right?)

Nets are bummed all their hard work didn’t pay off. Maybe next season guys.

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