Fifty24SF Gallery at Bicycle Day 2014

live painting, bicycle day, fifty24sf gallery, upper playground, alex grey, mars oneThis year’s Bicycle Day with participation and support of Fifty24SF Gallery takes place with renown Upper Playground artists Sam Flores, Mars-1, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey painting live on stage surrounded by music and crowds of supporters there to enjoy the event. ┬áTake a look at our photos from last night and if interested, there’s still time to attend the event tonight at The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco.

BicycleDay-Fifty24SF-Gallery-UpperPlayground-SamFlores-Mars1-01 BicycleDay-Fifty24SF-Gallery-UpperPlayground-SamFlores-Mars1-02 BicycleDay-Fifty24SF-Gallery-UpperPlayground-SamFlores-Mars1-03 BicycleDay-Fifty24SF-Gallery-UpperPlayground-SamFlores-Mars1-04 BicycleDay-Fifty24SF-Gallery-UpperPlayground-SamFlores-Mars1-05 BicycleDay-Fifty24SF-Gallery-UpperPlayground-SamFlores-Mars1-06