Opening night photos from INSA’s “MORE”

Last night at FIFTY24SF Gallery, we opened London artist INSA’s new solo show, “MORE.” There was a good crowd that came out, and they got to see the lit works, INSA’s new sculpture, and the GIF that INSA created specifically for the gallery.

“MORE” is open through February… come check it out.

Prints are available on our webstore.

If you want information about the works in the show, click here.

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INSA’s “MORE” opens Feb 3rd at FIFTY24SF

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FIFTY24SF Gallery in Association with Upper Playground presents: “MORE” – A collection of new work by INSA

SAN FRANCISCO, CA [1.28.11] – Upper Playground and FIFTY24SF Gallery are pleased to announce London-based graffiti, conceptual, and fine artist INSA’s first solo exhibition in San Francisco opening on February 3rd, 2011. The exhibition is appropriately titled, MORE.

Within the new body of work in MORE, INSA explores themes of aspiration and expectation, wants versus needs, and happiness versus success in his most comprehensive study to date. Using exaggerated symbols of sexuality representing the commodification of both everyday life and underground subcultures, INSA examines the illusions of seduction while employing his own iconic brand of aesthetic allure to draw the audience in. INSA’s new work revels in lurid excess, embracing the insatiability of consumerism and highlighting the duplicity of morality and enjoyment.

Followers of the artist will be familiar with some of the themes displayed in MORE. INSA, constantly involved in interesting new projects, recently gained worldwide attention for his piece “Anything Goes When It Comes To (S)hoes,” (more commonly referred to as his “Elephant Dung Heels”) which were exhibited at Tate Britain in London. He has also been a pioneer in the world of graffiti on the Internet with his visually stunning, labor intensive “Gifitti.” This is all in addition to INSA”s continuing insatiable need to cover any surface with his signature “Graffiti Fetish” pattern.

MORE will feature 9 new provocative works, with INSA utilizing media such as sculpture and lights adding to the “glamour” of his work. The exhibition will also feature an exclusive SF edition of INSA’s classic “Heel” print and a selection of photographic prints.

MORE will run at FIFTY24SF Gallery from February 3rd, 2011 – February 28th, 2011


INSA Mural in San Francisco

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Fresh off some big mural projects in Los Angeles, London’s INSA is in San Francisco preparing for his solo exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery, our sister and partner gallery. We have been spending the past few days with INSA, and we can’t believe how quickly and methodical he can create mural of this style and complexity. The “INSA Heel” which has been a trademark and a signature of the artist, had yet to grace the streets of San Francisco, and on the corner of Oak and Scott, close to the Lower Haight gallery, we now have a great INSA piece.

Of course, we will have many images and preparation shots of INSA’s show in the gallery, opening next Thursday, February 3rd, but we are creating the build-up. —The Citrus Report staff

All images by AK of the Citrus Report and FIFTY24SF

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More new Banksy in Camden?

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Nobody even seems to know if this is Banksy, but regardless, we like this piece, and it is right near or on the spot where King Robbo and Banksy had a little battle that ended up being the best thing to ever happen to Robbo. This would be Camden, in a tunnel, in London, England. So if this piece isn’t Banksy, we still approve of it.


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David Choe at Lazarides Gallery’s “Hell’s Half Acre” in London tunnels

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David Choe has been working in the tunnels underneath London for Lazarides Gallery’s Dante’s Inferno-themed Hell’s Half Acre show that is opening on October 12th in the Old Vic Tunnels. Its not just David, its Conor Harrington, Vhils, George Osodi, Antony Micallef, Doug Foster, Todd James, Paul Insect, Mark Jenkins, Boogie, Ian Francis, Polly Morgan, Jonathan Yeo and many more who are taking part.

Its going to be crazy, so you are going to have to book tickets in advance. Probably worth it.

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David Choe and DVS in London

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Coming soon to tunnel below you in Merry London, Lazarides Gallery is putting on the Hell’s Half Acre show underneath the streets of London in the Leake Street tunnels, opening October 12th. Looks like our good friend David Choe and DVS have been taking over a bit of London themselves prior to the show opening.

Thanks to Vandalog for the image.

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