Nike Air Yeezy 2

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So Kanye gets two. Actually, minus the hype, we kind of like the way the Yeezys have come out in both editions. This one looks less Back to the Future and more fashion-forward, but we are going to lean on this notion that Nike designers had a lot of fun taking Kanye’s bizarre brain and making something work. Nike Air Yeezy II in both Platinum and Black editions will release June 9

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Elderly Defense: A Million Volt Taser Cane

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We here at the Citrus Report are looking at cutting-edge technology each day, and today’s piece of “we need this now” is the ZAP Cane With Flashlight, a million volt taser cane to taser the shit out of people if you don’t like the way they look at you. If you are old, and you don’t give a fuck, you just want to taser kids and other hooligans while walking in South Beach.

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