Amanda Brown LA based photographer

Where do you live? I live in a suburb just outside of Los Angeles, California

What do you take pictures of? People, as natural and genuine as possible

What kind of camera do you use? Canon AE-1, Hasselblad 500CM and some point and shoots every so often

Are you formally trained in photography? I was self taught up until I enrolled in a local community college and took a basic photo class, I believe I still have so much more to learn.

What are your influences? Larry Clark, Michal Chelbin, Sebastian Kim, John B. Gourley, not to mention my family and friends who continue to inspire me everyday.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Im a day to day kinda girl but I invision myself traveling as often as possible, enjoying and living life as best I can and sharing it with the people that mean a lot to me, collaborating with artists alike and making photography my occupation, profession, calling, what have you.

What makes you happy? It doesnt take much to make me happy, but Id have to say the people that constantly surround me, they give me something to live for.

See more of Amanda Brown’s work here

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Photographs by Darell Tallent

I live in Kent, England, put should be moving to London soon

I taking pictures of every day occurrences that catch my eye, whether its skating, the architecture that I skate, bands, the action of graffiti and drug taking, the last two are my favorites though

My cameras are pretty standard, ranging from Pentax espio 115g to a Pentax me super and a Olympus mju, have used a Rollei 35b occasionally, and I’m in the process of purchasing a Contax t2

I’ve pretty much self taught myself photography, I don’t see the point in paying to get taught it from a person that has probably self taught themselves.

My influences grow the more I get deeply into it, I like the work from Ari Marcopoulos, Larry Clark and Pax Paloscia, but my main influence is knowing there is a hell of allot out there that needs to be snapped up.

In five years I would like to see myself at a standard where I could have my work in galleries and maybe in books, and earning dollar for it.

I get pretty happy when i see a shot I had taken an think yeah that looks sick or when other people complement them, all that an Mary Jayne, she boosts my confidence in taking photos.

He is  Renegade Rufus on Flickr check him out

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Austin Durant photographer sort of!!! More of an urban misfit

Where do you live?
Santa Ana, California

What do you take pictures of?
anything and everything… organic moments.

What kind of camera do you use?
Canon AE-1 or random point-and-shoots. I just found an Olympus Stylus Epic at a thrift store for 8 bucks.

What are your influences?
As far as photographers go… Boogie, Larry Clark, Peter Sutherland, Ed Templeton, and my friend Ross Farrar. I am also influenced by punk and hardcore, youthfullness, zines, ghettos, gang tagging/graffiti in general, buffed walls, hand made signs….urban areas.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Still taking pictures, putting out zines, doing lots of photo shit.

What makes you happy?
I don’t know… good times, shoplifting, and enjoying my youth.

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Edu Portela

Perdón por la tardanza pero he necesitado encontrar a alguien que me tradujese las respuestas. Muchas gracias!

What kind of camera do you use?

Normalmente uso una hasselblad 500c o una nikon d2xs

Normally I use a Hasselblad 500c or a nikon d2xs

Are you formally trained in photography?

Si, he cursado estudios de imagen y de técnico en laboratorio de imagen.

Yes I am, I have gone to courses about image and technician in laboratory of image.

What are your influences?

Me gusta mucho Virxilio Vieitez, Cristina Garcia-Rodero, Garcia-Alix, Pieter Hugo, Al Betrayal, Koudelka, Larry Clark (como fotógrafo), Avedon, Newton… Hay muchísimas influencias ademas de la fotografía, la lectura es muy importante también para mi.

I really like Virxilio Vieitez, Cristina Garcia-Rodero, Garcia-Alix, Pieter Hugo, Al Betrayal, Koudelka, Larry Clark (as a photographer), Avedon, Newton… there are a lot of influences apart of the photograph, reading is very important for me also.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Me es imposible decirlo, prácticamente cada 9 o 10 meses cambio de ciudad y de casa… así que si no tengo ni idea de donde estaré en 6 meses mucho menos en cinco años.

It´s impossible to say, I use to move from one city to another each nine or ten months… so I don´t really know where I´m going to be in six months, far from it in five years.

What makes you happy?

Cocinar,la música, las mujeres, viajar y hacer fotos.

I enjoy cooking, reading, women, travell around and take pictures.

More of his work

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A little slice of our teenage years: Larry Clark’s “Kiss The Past Hello” Book

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We remember when we were young lad and laddesses, watching Larry Clark’s “Kids” was a like a big deal. It featured kids your own age, but for some reason, kids weren’t supposed to see it. That is great parenting guidelines, isn’t it?

Now that we are older, and are thinking of some last minute gift ideas, Larry Clark’s “Kiss The Past Hello” book seems like the obvious choice. His iconic LES shots, Supreme shots, and portraits are all standards of the “indie” scene, and its not that expensive.

The retrospective title is on sale now through Simon Lee Gallery at GBP40.00.

Thanks to SxH.

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