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kristin farr, san francisco, bay area, colorful, color, geometric, rainbow, circles, circle, painting, paintings, whirl, upper playground

Kristin Farr is an artist and journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kristin is inspired by humor, nostalgia, color psychology, rainbows and magic. She is exploring a legacy of folk art through her color-crazy geometric paintings, and is interested in good vibes and human-made objects that contain mystical powers.

kristin farr, san francisco, bay area, colorful, color, geometric, rainbow, circles, circle, painting, paintings, whirl, upper playground kristin farr, san francisco, bay area, colorful, color, geometric, rainbow, circles, circle, painting, paintings, whirl, upper playground kristin farr, san francisco, bay area, colorful, color, geometric, rainbow, circles, circle, painting, paintings, whirl, upper playground kristin farr, san francisco, bay area, colorful, color, geometric, rainbow, circles, circle, painting, paintings, whirl, upper playground kristin farr, san francisco, bay area, colorful, color, geometric, rainbow, circles, circle, painting, paintings, whirl, upper playground

Porous Walker, Ferris Plock, and Skinner promote Jim Dirschberger’s “Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer”

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We just got this message from our good friend, Kristin Farr, about this film and the posters being made to support it. So we are breaking this post down to what the film Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer is about, and then the second part is about the films.

About the film:
“Honest Man” is an independently produced feature-length documentary that explores the bribery scandal that led Budd Dwyer, a former Pennsylvania politician, to commit suicide at a press conference January 22, 1987. The film features exclusive new interviews with Dwyer’s family, friends, and colleagues, including a candid, heartfelt interview with Dwyer’s widow – her last before her death in 2009 – and a rare, revealing interview with William Smith, the man whose testimony convicted Dwyer. This portrait of a man swept up in the turbulent and cutthroat political world of the 1980s will undoubtedly raise important questions about Dwyer’s presumed guilt.

The Posters:
To promote the film Bay Area artists Ferris Plock, Skinner, Jason Vivona, David Young and Porous Walker have joined together to create a unique series of poster art for the film. Not only is this an opportunity to own an extremely rare (only 20 copies of each design was printed), high quality piece of artwork (11

The Citrus Report Open Office Closing

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I can never sleep, being a writer is like being a schizophrenic- voices running constantly in your head and those voices spouting off imagery that hopefully when put down on the page mean more than what they normally turn out to be (shitty sentences of intricate structure without meaning). For me, creating art is an exercise of exorcism for those things that ail the person who creates them- this is why the troubled and maladjusted ones always create the greatest works for me (e.g. Bruno Schulz, Doc Humes, Knut Hamsun, Henry Miller, Van Gogh, Rimbaud, Robert Walser, Thelonious Monk, Berlioz, Brecht, Beckett, Phil Spector, David Markson, Dostoevsky, Andre Gide, and George motherfucking Michael among others).

The majority of my life I’ve slept only a few hours each day, catching the sunset and sunrise every day, working from night till morning and morning till night, going to bed at 8-9am and waking up at 12-1pm; several nights never sleeping- always working, always writing, always creating and never stopping; in dreams drawing outlines for future works and projects, talking those dreams to sleep while dreaming up larger ones, never leaving my world / work for the world around me unless it’s typing in the street or talking to strangers for fragments of experience for future chapters of unwritten novels or pieces of paintings that I’ll keep for myself– so it was interesting and everything amazing to be typing stories for strangers at The Citrus Report Open Office.

What follows is a run-on sentence of thank yous to persons random, necessary and close to me. Written at seven and a half in the morning after coming back from a friend’s house / happening through a night drive with the sky bleeding from night to morning light. —

To the two women who cried after reading their stories in front of me on different days, coming back for each remaining day thereafter and saying that I had no idea how much that I touched you- you have no idea how much you’ve touched me, to everyone who brought in gifts large and small- I want you to know that they are all gargantuan mementos of the moment for my memory, to all who came in and talked for awhile whilst sharing stories of their own, to those who looked in the window perplexed and immediately walked away when making eye contact with me, to the guy who tried to pull down my underwear while I was putting up a post-it, to that girl who succeeded later in the night, to Nasia, Jennifer, Ben, Graham, Gregory, Melinda and each and every stranger (now friend) who came through, to everyone, to you, to she, to he, to the new, the old, the perspiring, the inspiring- to the guy who came in asking questions about the bus nearby who then stayed for half-an-hour speaking of your solitude, to those women who came in stumbling, sitting down for awhile while drunk and talking of their future before breaking down and explaining how lonely it gets to be sometimes when you get to be near-forty and without a warm body beside you in the morning, to the woman who came in and sat staring at me, asking if it ever changes, if the world will ever walk with contentment, to San Francisco and its curious season of a gray summer, to the elderly couple who came in and sat sharing a chair for a moment speaking and talking of typewriters and how they’re like old relics and friends no longer near, to the ways in which you said that you were the last of your circle, that everyone you knew intimately had passed on but that it was okay cause you two had each other- holding hands tightly as if to hold onto this current conundrum of life and its strife, to anyone who purchased a zine or donated a dime- allowing myself to eat and help feed my art for the future, to Kate, Raymond Brown, AK, Nisan, Luis Mendoza, Alex Pardee, Kevin Hayes, Joe To, Mars-1, The Flopboxx, Joshua Blank, Pez, Paolo, Dino, Keiko, Kokoro, Dave, Denzzollo, Sasha, Saelee, Sonja, Sherry, Liz, Lynzy, Tanley and to all friends old and new – to all that came through – I love each and every one of you.

– Jason Jaworski

Los Angeles, CA – 2010

Thanks to The Flopbox for the Kristin Farr suitcase photo.

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Kristin Farr in the Citrus Report Open Office this weekend

Kristin Farr, who was in the Porous Walker group showcase at FIFTY24SF Gallery last month, will be showing/performing/filming/and asking questions of people at the Citrus Report Open Office at 248 Fillmore Street starting Saturday, August 21st. Stop by, talk about Kristin’s art, get on film.

The Citrus Report has an explanation and write-up about Kristin on their site right now. Read it now.

Photos from last Friday night’s “Henceforth and Whatnot” film night @ FIFTY24SF

Posted by FIFTY24SF Gallery

We had the closing party for Porous Walker’s group show and the film showings of “Henceforth and Whatnot” with Jim Dirschberger & Rinee Shah, who are right up there, looking good, last Friday night. We got our camera all unloaded and loaded up here this morning…

Jay Howell has worked with both Jim and Rinee, and his work was on the wall to prove it…

Rinee’s music video that she directed…


More people

This dude was fresh… drinking beer out of a flask…

Writer/poet Jeff Rix, artist in the Porous Walker group show/poet Kristin Farr, and beer flask drinker guy.

Plock baby.

Kelly Tunstall and said baby.

Ferris Plock had a video with Jim and Rinee on rotation all night. He made this face every time he watched his short film.

Kristin Farr, who writes for Juxtapoz, Evan Pricco, who manages Juxtapoz, share a moment and discuss what we can only assume was contemporary eyewear.

Thank you to everyone who came out.


Juxtapoz Interview with Porous Walker and Kristin Farr

Juxtapoz posted a little interview with Porous Walker and Kristin Farr online about their ongoing show at FIFTY24SF… it runs until July 26th, and is still causing smiles from everyone who walks into the gallery.  Here’s a little snippet of the interview…

I asked both Kristin and Porous to answer this question twice, once as themselves and once as the other person. “What is this show, and the artwork you’ve created for it, all about?”

Porous Walker: Well Katie, this is a show of art. Yes, the art was created for it. About? What? Duh, it’s all about doing it better than Kristin Farr.

Kristin Farr: That’s a very great question Katie. I am hesitant to answer the question, because whatever I say, Porous will have probably already said the same thing like 10 years ago. If you were to have a contest between Porous and Kristin, like an ass kicking contest, I would win that, but if we had a who has a fat stomach, bad teeth, partially stupid brain and extreme mouth breathing, Porous is the world champion.