David Choe ‘Munko’ Vinyl Figures provided by Upper Playground

Posted from The Citrus Report

From our parents at Upper Playground… “Upper Playground has teamed up with Japan’s Good Smile Company to become the official distributor for David Choe’s “Munko” Vinyl Figures. The toys were initially seen as simple sketches on David’s blog, and now following the premiere of the physical Munko toys at San Diego Comic Con in Giant Robot’s booth, Upper Playground is the exclusive wholesaler and distributor for the line of figures.

We have continually been impressed not only by Good Smile Company’s detail and intricacy in their vinyl figures, but also by the innovativeness of their other ventures, and are very excited to begin this partnership between our two companies. The “Munko” line of figures comes in three unique sculpts: Munko, Munkosaur, and Munkette. Munko, is offered in 3 colors and 2 extremely realistic textures. Munkosaur comes in 3 color ways with one in a concrete texture. And Munkette comes in 3 unique color ways.

The figures are available in a set of all 12 toys and individually by blind-box. Both sale versions are available to the public at the Upper Playground web store, and the set is available to distributors exclusively by contacting our wholesale department at: wholesale@upperplayground.com.”

Posted By The Citrus Report