Henrique Oliveira’s Transarquitetônica in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Internationally recognized artist, Henrique Oliveira poses a poetic discussion of history of architecture, of shelters and caves of the past by a challenging installation occupying 1600 m² building with strong brand of modern sculpture Niemeyer at MAC USP, Brazil.

The giant snaking columns designed by the architect curve through the space creating caverns, pathways and obstacles for the audience. Transarquitetônica of Henrique Oliveira is not just an installation, but commands itself as a place, a route with multiple possibilities that ends where it began. It is a work of architecture that combines sculpture and painting, offering various stimuli that the visitor gets to go to work.

The exhibition remains until November 30, open to the public on Tuesdays from 10 am to 21 pm and Wednesday through Sunday from 10 to 18 hours. Admission is free so be sure to check it out if you’re in Sao Paulo for the World Cup 2014:

transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira002 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira003 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira004 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira005 transarquitetonica-henriqueoliveira006



Weakness Wednesday: Supergrass “Late In the Day”

When Supergrass opened up for Radiohead years ago, it killed two birds with one stone for us. We have always loved the underrated British rock group, and they had some of the most amazing sideburns in the history of rock sideburns. And “Late In the Day” is one of their best tracks. Let’s go 1990s on you today.

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@ FIFTY24SF Gallery: Michael Miller “West Coast Hip-Hop: A History in Pictures”

111 605x417 @ FIFTY24SF Gallery: Michael Miller “West Coast Hip Hop: A History in Pictures” tupac shakur michael miller Hip hop FIFTY24SF Gallery

FIFTY24SF Gallery, in association with Upper Playground, are pleased to announce West Coast Hip-Hop: A History in Pictures, a special two-day exhibition and book signing featuring the iconic hip-hop photos of Los Angeles photographer, Michael Miller. The exhibition opens Friday, April 27, 2012, followed by a special book signing of Miller’s West Coast Hip-Hop: A History in Pictures on Saturday, April 28 from 2—4pm.

Michael Miller’s photographs capture a unique era of West Coast culture, combining the emerging genres of gangster rap, skateboard culture, Los Angeles street culture, and the iconic personalities who help turn West Coast rap into a global phenomenon. Capturing intimate portraits of hip-hop legends 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Cypress Hill, as well as iconic advertising campaigns with street fashion giant, Stussy, Michael Miller photographs hearken back to a pivotal moment in history where he took rap, surf, skate, punk, and street fashion fused into one image. The Los Angeles-based photographer has worked in the entertainment and music industry for over 25 years, with a portfolio of over 300 major record covers, iconic supermodels of the ‘90s, and some of the biggest names in rap and jazz.

Influenced by the techniques of Peter Lindberg, Paulo Roversi and Javier Vallhonrat, Miller has developed a unique method of cross-processing film and different chemical baths for his black and white photographs. A graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in Film and Television, Miller moved to Paris after university and met top agent Rene Bosne. With Bosne’s mentorship, Miller began to shoot photographs, gradually gaining jobs shooting models for John Casablancas’ agency. After moving to Barcelona to shoot campaigns fro Cacharel Paris, Miller returned to Los Angeles in 1988 to shoot for Herb Ritts’ agency, Visages. Gaining recognition within the fashion industry, the music world took notice, and by the end of 1988, Miller photographed his first rapper, Arabian Prince.

For West Coast Hip-Hop: A History in Pictures at FIFTY24SF Gallery, Michael Miller will be presenting a series of his iconic early 1990′s hip-hop photographs, including numerous photos of 2pac, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, as well as photos of unique historical perspectives on Los Angeles street culture. Coinciding with Miller’s exhibition, we will have famed San Francisco musicians, Tommy Guerrero and ORB DJing the opening on Friday, April 27, 2012. On Saturday, April 28, from 2—4PM, Miller will be signing copies of his West Coast Hip-Hop: A History in Pictures at our FIFTY24SF Gallery.

The exhibition will be on display from April 27—28. 2012, with a special book signing event on Saturday, April 28 from 2—4 pm. The book is Miller’s West Coast Hip-Hop: A History in Pictures collection.

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The Best Baseball Game Ever? The Walk-Off…

mlb u freese b8 576 The Best Baseball Game Ever? The Walk Off...  World Series walk off rangers game 7 cardinals

Bottom of the ninth, two-outs, two strikes, down two runs? Triple to score 2. Game tied. Extra innings. Top of the 10th, two-run homer. Bottom of the 10th? Match those two. Top of the 11th? Walk-off home-run. We are going to game 7 of the World Series. The Cardinals and Rangers played one of the greatest games in the history of the sport, and we all get spoiled with one more. This is why baseball is the best sport… it is never the same game twice.

image via ESPN

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Coldplay going R&B with “Paradise”

ColdplayAW060911 Coldplay going R&B with Paradise single Rihanna paradise mylo xyloto coldplay awful

We don’t know, this band is really hit or miss. We heard they have Rihanna singing on their newest album one track, and from the sound of “Paradise,” the second single Mylo Xyloto, we thought she was going to kick in to make this song even more shit. Perhaps the worst single in the history of the band. So go ahead and listen!

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George Lois for It’s Nice That n6

issue6 cover 605x429 George Lois for Its Nice That n6 magazine Its nice that George Lois

We love George Lois. He is the original Mad Man and he did the best magazine covers in the history of the medium. Raymond especially loves him after spending time with Lois in his Manhattan apartment. Now, Lois is the cover subject of It’s Nice That, which we will now buy and cherish.

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Time Travel with Historypin

Historypin, a website and mobile app, uses Google Maps to pin archive photos online to their original location. It consists of a user-generated database, pinning photos in Street View that are searchable through tags. Their goal is to create conversation and share history through out the generations and cultures. Pretty neat concept.

historypin Time Travel with Historypin street view old photos inter generational history google maps culture


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