Beams x Made in Tsubame Spoon & Fork Set

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We are such suckers for anything Beams. Khakis, tees, oxfords, spoons, forks. This set, in collaboration with Tsubame, is now available amongst all the great things of Inventory: “The Made in Tsubame project aims to help awareness of the local craftsman of the prefecture. Showcasing in with a simple product, their love for making metal goods of the highest quality. The brushed stainless steel spoon and fork set are perfect for travel, camping or even using around the office.”

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Black Book Sessions coming July 2010

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Munk One is going to be part of Black Book Sessions 8 this year, taking place in Ontario, California on July 10, 2010. Black Book Sessions is always a good cause, being a “non-profit organization committed to supporting¬† and acknowledging¬† young artists to reach their highest potential in there lives and there communities.” Take a look at that link above for all the info on Black Book 8…