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Herakut’s paintings are sensual and wild; technically they offer an outstanding creative dualism. Akut’s photorealistic details blend in with Hera’s more gestural strokes in canvases that articulate stories of triumph and discomfort. All are enriched by the presence of texts, which allow viewers to immediately enter the narrative.

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Their artworks are present in the major cities around the world, from Toronto to Kathmandu, from San Francisco to Melbourne. Today they arrive in Rome for their first solo exhibition in Italy.

Santa Miseria is a collection of thoughts and images that have marked and made unique the artists’ encounters with different individuals and their communities met during moments of deep sharing and exchange. Herakut have travelled the world and have been entrusted with many personal stories, which have penetrated the artists’ spirit, generating the magic that animates their entire creative process.

herakut, hera, akut, exhibition, rome, italy, santa miseria, the citrus report, upper playground

The exhibition opens its doors on September 17 at the Galleria Varsi.


Herakut Goes Massive in Miami

Amidst all the chaos of Art Basel, Herakut dropped a massive mural right outside of the PULSE art fair, in what we think we have heard a rumor of it being the biggest in town. Well, well, done. (via 120zprophet)

All City Canvas in Mexico City: The Final Looks

Last week, Mexico City celebrated the public art festival, All City Canvas, featuring major murals on multi-storied buildings from Aryz, Vhils, Herakut, Escif, Saner, Sego, Interesni Kazki, El Mac, and Roa. Here are some of the final looks at the completed murals, and thank you to everyone at FIFTY24MX and their friends who helped us on the ground during the festival.

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All City Canvas in Mexico City

FIFTY24MX Gallery is one of the sponsors of this mega-street-art event going down in Mexico City this week, with Aryz, El Mac, Escif, Roa, Vhils, Saner, Herakut, and Interesni Kazki amongst others. Really good, going down this week… we will be down there too… pictures to come…

Herakut in Newcastle Video/Interview

Herakut – OneThirty3 from onethirty3 on Vimeo.

German art duo, Herakut, continues to build more and more bodies of work, with lots of public art in the mix, and they just finished up a one night show in Newcastle. Herakut – Show Them, was an installation at onethirty3 in Newcastle upon Tyne, curated by Hush.

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