Tiffany Bozic Hand Made “Native Box”

We’re releasing a very special limited edition hand-made box designed and crafted by Tiffany Bozic and master woodworker, Francisco Robles.  The idea and inspiration for the box came naturally when the lines and similarities between Tiffany’s ornate artistic style and Francisco’s intricate wood-working ability were taken into account – and the two artist’s crafts get taken to a distinguished level through this coupling.

Tiffany Bozic’s career has been built on an ability to take the natural world and present it in a gruesome yet beautiful way, which never feels disingenuous.  Because of her unique style and perspective her work has been shown at the Laguna Art Museum, the California Academy of Science and will be featured in an upcoming solo show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City.  The piece silk-screened directly onto the Native Box features the organic elements which make her work so compelling, inspired by the beauty of two White-Eye birds that Tiffany recently witnessed playing in Papua New Guinea.

Francisco Robles’ ability to craft furniture and wood was seen in full force in 2008 when he crafted a line furniture with Upper Playground designed by David Choe, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores and Tiffany Bozic.  With this background of coupling furniture with contemporary art, he has crafted the Native Box with the interior divided into four sections and the exterior given a five half-round bead detail as a play off of classic moulding.

The Native Box comes in a burgundy edition (limited to 32 pieces) and a gun metal edition (limited to 18 pieces) and are each hand signed and numbered.  The box is comprised of 100% US wood, has been silkscreened and made by hand in San Francisco, CA and is available exclusively at Upper Playground’s online store.

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Herbert Baglione Capsule Collection, featuring plush night-stand handmade wooden box

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Upper Playground came up big with Herbert Baglione piece. We got the rundown from the UP camp, and the handmade wooden box has “a screen printed Herbert Baglione print mounted on the top, only 50 have been made.  Every detail of the box adheres to the same intricate detail that Herbert puts into his artwork, and Francisco Robles (master furniture designer and woodworker) aimed to complement the artwork with his hand construction of the boxes.  Using a selection of alder and poplar woods which have been finished to a furniture grade, Francisco added his own collaborative touch to Herbert’s artwork and “crafted the edging to mirror the uniform molding that is found in many older San Francisco apartments.”  The Herbert Baglione print finishes off the box and is screen-printed onto thin archival cougar white paper which has then been mounted and coated with a light satin lacquer finish.”

We are getting one for our friendly neighborhood tee shirt, glasses, and herb supply. We want the magic box.

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