Alaska Week: Brad Howell on The Great Alaskan Bush Company

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“You know, while you are highlighting major businesses in Alaska, I can’t help but bring up one of the most notorious: The Great Alaskan Bush Company. A classy name for a classy joint, filled with classy women, and super tasteful t-shirts. Again, another birthday tale (I have a few.) My friends and I decided to class this place up with our presence one fine June evening. Lucky for us the Hells Angels run security and a member of our entourage was a motorcycle mechanic at the time (see also: connected.) Mind you, we are your typical nerds in t-shirts simply looking for an excuse to act like morons…and we did. Nobody seemed to mind when I karate kicked the glasses off our table in a fit of joy when AC/DC came on, or when my pal decided the stripper was doing it all wrong and gave her the lap dance. No, our real crime was letting our mechanic friend leave early…we were shown the door shortly after. Life lesson children, it’s not what you know, its who you know. The Bush Co. Keepin’ shit classy.” —Brad Howell

Posted By The Citrus Report