Plantation Weddings

Nottoway Plantation Antebellum Mansion 605x254 Plantation Weddings weddings the south slavery plantations

Why are people still having weddings at plantations slaves built?

Good question. There’s nothing more romantic than building your future together on the soil of racism and brutality!

For these soon-to-be spouses, reasoning like “reclaiming the property,” “plantations are pretty,” and “working around racism” makes a good enough argument.

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Tiffany Bozic @ Joshua Liner Gallery

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One of our favorite interview subjects, Tiffany Bozic, has a new show opening up at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC on November 11th. The title of the show is Confiding to Strangers, which is what goes on at gallery shows if you are an artist, so that is a good enough title as any.

Read our interview with Tiffany Bozic here.

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