Japanese pop star is computer generated

japanesepopstar Japanese pop star is computer generated japanese pop japan eguchi aimi akb48

According to NME, “A member of a top Japanese pop group was not actually a real human being, it has been revealed. Eguchi Aimi was supposed to be the newest member of all-girl group AKB48, but she was actually a composite of six of her bandmates. A video has been released showing how the girls’ features were blended together for the rather convincing publicity stunt.” We’re not quite sure how computer generating a pop star is any different than KE$HA.

Meanwhile, the sixth member of Matchbox 20 is nowhere to be found.

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Muslim-German Model, Sila Sahin, bums out Muslim Family for posing in Playboy

450x362 alg sila sahin Muslim German Model, Sila Sahin, bums out Muslim Family for posing in Playboy

Sure, Muslim German-Turkish, living in Berlin model/actress Sila Sahin looks all wholesome here, but she is getting heat from her Muslim family for posing naked on the cover and inside German Playboy magazine. “I did it because I wanted to be free at last,” she said. “These photographs are a liberation from the restrictions of my childhood.”

As the Daily Mail reports, “Ms Sahin’s declared intention was to used the controversial Playboy photoshoot as a call to action for other Turkish girls who suffer the effects of their strict backgrounds, where women’s choices are often limited, husbands are chosen for the girls and chastity closely controlled.”

article 1378455 0BB1AD1600000578 656 468x613 Muslim German Model, Sila Sahin, bums out Muslim Family for posing in Playboy

Read more here.

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First and Final Fridays: The Drums “Self-Titled”

The Drums album artwork First and Final Fridays: The Drums Self Titled  the future the drums San Francisco lazy girls first and final fridays best friend

Even though The Drums are from NYC, there is something about them that feels like a lazy/hazy San Francisco day. It’s surf music, but also a retro-pop sound that reminds us of Girls. Their self-titled debut LP contained these two gems that bookended the album, “Best Friend,” and “The Future.” Enjoy…

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Celebrating the Warriors of Radness “California Girls” Video…

California Girls from Warriors of Radness on Vimeo.

Because we guess they allow nudity in videos of fashion photoshoots to be a brand awareness thing… according to the video and Warriors of Radness, “Footage of the photoshoot for the Sarah and Kerry Tees from the spring 2011 WOR line to the tune of “Surf Thump” by WOR recording artist Gantez Warrior. Photography for t shirts by Damon Loble, filmed by Jordan Malama.”

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Reasons you should root for Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup final tomorrow

563 301Sri Lanka Cricket WCup Sri Lanka New Zealand.sff .embedded.prod affiliate.156 Reasons you should root for Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup final tomorrow World Cup sri lanka over india sri lanka reasons to root for sri lanka cricket 2011 cricket world cup

We’re well aware that most of the people who visit our site are in America, and 90% of Americans could care about anything more than cricket. But one of our staffers is Sri Lankan, so we think you should root for them in the World Cup final against India tomorrow. It’s a big deal around the world.  So here’s some reasons why we think you should root for our team:

* Sri Lanka is a country the size of West Virginia, India is the 2nd biggest country in the world. Root for the underdog, it’s fun.

* Muttiah Muralitharan – Born with a crooked elbow and now at 39 years old, one of the greatest cricketers of all time playing his final match of his career in tomorrows match. Battling hamstring injuries, leg injuries, and age and going out there one last time to try and take it all home. You can’t write this stuff. (Unless you wrote Rocky IV, in which case, yes, you did already basically write that story)

* India and Indian culture is all the rage right now (see ‘Outsourced’, yoga being the new jazzercise, and ‘Indian girls’ being the new ‘Japanese Girls’ for white dudes). And that’s cool, but do you know what’s really cool? Being into stuff that other people AREN’T into and talking s*it about people that are. You want to be cool, don’t you?

* Two words: Anthony. Bourdain. Homeboy loves Sri Lanka too.

* Two more words: Victoria’s. Secret. Ladies, check the label on your form fitting, bust-enhancing, sexifying unmentionables – and tip your hat to the workers and country that makes a bulk of it.

* You ever been to India? There’s poop on the street. Not animal poop. Human poop.

* Seriously, it’s a tiny war-torn country, this is the best thing going for it by a long shot. India’s got Bollywood, Tikka Masala, and the Taj Mahal. Can we try and balance out the power just a little bit? India winning would be like finding out that Martin Scorcese is also the chief song-writer behind The Walkmen, I mean, c’mon, how many more pillars of awesome does that guy need?

* Contrary to what MIA may have tried to sensationalize, there wasn’t actually a genocide in Sri Lanka recently. Just an unfortunate end to an even more unfortunate 30 year civil war. This team is made of Tamil and Sinhalese people, though, and in the aftermath of that civil war this sport has the ability to unite the country more than the corrupted government ever has tried to or is even capable of doing, even if it’s just for a day.

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Weakness Wednesday: Girls “The Oh So Protective One”

We couldn’t think of a better way to start the workday than SF-based Girls fantastic “The Oh So Protective One” from 2010′s “Broken Dreams Club” EP. There is something fantastic and easy about this song, as if Girls can write throwback pop gems like this in their sleep. A brilliant song. Enjoy.

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The Secret of Pop Songwriting

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Keep it simple stupid. Well, that is easier said then done. Writing a pop song, in the vein of Coldplay, Kanye West, or The Killers is a hard thing to do. Sitting alone in a room trying to create a song that people in a stadium will singalong to seems impossible.

The NY Times has an interesting piece today about the craft of pop music, both in indie/alt to bubble gum genres.

One interesting excerpt:

Concision, admittedly, is the essence of pop: its discipline, its challenge, its genius. To tell a story or sum up an attitude in a handful of sung verses or a salvo of hip-hop rhymes, and to unite them with music that lodges those words in memory — and, at best, also summons the feeling behind them — is a songwriter’s job description. And it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing ambition. A brief time frame can hold a lot: all the chordal transformations of Tin Pan Alley or 1970s R&B, all the vocal fireworks of Aretha Franklin, all the rhythmic intensity of James Brown, all the electroacoustic metamorphoses of Radiohead, all the colliding samples of Public Enemy, all the internal rhymes, comedy and psychodrama of Eminem in his prime.

Tbe NY Times penned a musical term earlier this year called “The New Simplicity.” Put Spoon, Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, and probably Girls in there.

Great read.

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Paul Barbera shoots “Love Lost”

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We were on Selectism and saw the work of Paul Barbera, who shoots nice narrative photo shoots of girls from around world. You just have to wonder where someone like this gets a job and into situations like this? You just have to wonder . . .

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