Josh’s trip to Miami, 2.1 of 3

Ok so I got cut off in that last post because I am stealing internet from one of my neighbors and when you do that you cant predict a lot of things, like getting cut off from the www and stuff like that.  As I was saying, people move to Florida to die and live in this 50′s movie about paradise and beach views blah, blah, blah. Back to my point that Florida is no paradise. There are a shit load of cars and it is so humid you can’t breath here. There are a lot of people on walkers and Italian tourists who have style but in a very corny way.

So like in the last post these here are some pictures of the social structure of old people in Florida. It is basically like High School, all the cliques sit at their own lunch tables talking crap about people at other tables and exchanging glances. Of course there are the cooler ones and each table has a leader.

I believe they call this the Atlantic Ocean.

Is Florida not pretty?  Yea I wanna go here to die, or not!

Actually I would like Florida to get destroyed by a natural disaster, and then I would like to go live here. It would be like Battle Ship Island 300 miles off the coast of Japan, which is basically an entier city on an island that is totaly abandoned and falling apart. Maybe I wont need a natural disaster to have Florida be like that. The economy and all the buildings they built just get emptier and emptier every time I go there. And the climate there fucks shit up real good and real fast so maybe it will happen naturally.

All this old people and depressing crap wearing on my mom and I so in the next post we will escape to South Beach.

To be continued……..

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