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David choe and Estevan Oriol in Anthony bourdain’s new show, Parts Unknown April 21st 9PM ET/PT

Anthony Bourdain’s new show, ‘Parts Unknown’ premieres tonight and will soon feature an episode with David Choe and Estevan Oriol roaming through neighborhoods true Los Angelenos know how to appreciate. Their episode will air Sunday, April 21st 9PM EST/PST.
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BourdainEstevanChoeBourdain portrait by David Choe:

additional photos from @davidchoe IG


As I previously wrote few weeks ago, my good friend Akiko is still in Port au prince, Haiti working around the clock with the UN to help the locals. Akiko wanted to write a post about what was her daily life over there. Thanks! We can’t wait to have you back.

Port-au-Prince, February 11th 2010.
It is almost one month after the earthquake and the situation was improving, however, today, the rain started in Port-au-Prince. We have water in our UN logistic base tent, so, I cannot imagine the situation for the affected Haitian in spontaneous settlements.
I am sure you already have tons of news from the media, so, I can probably tell you more personal experience as an aid worker.

As I am the map maker, I only had one time opportunity to get out from the United Nations Logistic Base which is located just next to the airport. The first two weeks, we were living in a tent located just next to our office tent, sharing two showers and two bathrooms with more than 200 people. Our working environment were rough, between the noise from the planes and helicopters, the heat, the crowd and stress, with limited internet connectivity. We woke up at 6 and never stop before midnight, without any rest time. Sunday is the same than another day. Few days a go, we moved to the IHP camp which is managed by Swedish: a paradise!!! Clean toilets, hot shower, excellent food and private cubicle tent:-)
I am attaching some of maps I created showing the food distribution points in Port-au-Prince, number of displaced population, etc.

I had opportunity to participate to the rapid need assessment, I will send you pictures later on. We went to a remote villages that have not been affected by the earthquake to be able to have some indicators on their living conditions to compare with the earthquake-affected areas. Poverty, non-access to the health facilities and food are common thing in Haiti. The result of the assessment will be published soon.

I hope to be back soon in New York:-)


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