Take a Bill Gates “Think Week,” you deserve it

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Hey, we all want to change the world like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, so you should start going through some “think weeks” to reinvigorate your thinking. Not that you think that hard, or that much, ’cause neither do we, but damn, how awesome to give yourself a Think Week.” A little gin and tonic, chips and salsa, maybe a book, maybe a lady (or not), and a lot of relaxed thinking. Create some life goals, to-do lists, maybe ways to change the future.

We like what we read about Gates: Essentially, for many years, Gates went into seclusion for two, one-week “Think Weeks” a year. Family, friends and Microsoft employees were banned from his retreat.

Time for all of us to have a think-week.

Posted By The Citrus Report