This Friday at FIFTY24SF: Porous Walker closing plus film festival

Join us this Friday at FIFTY24SF for the closing party to Porous Walker’s ‘Haricots Magiques‘ show at FIFTY24SF Gallery which features a film festival of animations, short films, and music videos by SF filmmakers Jim Dirschberfer & Rinee Shah.  The show will also feature some new illustrative work by Rinee Shah  AND some raw unseen sketches by Jay Howell, Skinner, Porous Walker and Ferris Plock.  It’ll start at 7pm and run until …. late.

In case you missed ‘A Dog That Poops Money’ this last friday

If you were one of the few people that didn’t come to the opening for Porous Walker and his friend’s show at FIFTY24SF this past Friday, well… you missed a pretty epic night.  We’ll have pictures to rub how-much-fun-you-missed-out-on in your face soon, but one of the other things that you would have missed would have been the world premiere of Porous Walker’s collaboration with Eighty Four Films on a short animated film called ‘I Want A Dog who Poops Money.’  Lucky for you, it’s online now and you can see it here.  And as a little FYI, Porous’ show will be running until July 26th at FIFTY24SF Gallery if you’d like to check it out.