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We don’t like to report on the finances of our friends, so we will let David explain about why he, David Choe, was on the cover of the New York Times today, just below the Egypt soccer riots, and why he and Facebook will continue to be tied together in some sort of way.

Fuck, have you had the dream where you ARE this guy?!? And then some kind of happy accident happens , and as you’re in the middle of this glorious car crash , you stop to realize , that there is actually no such thing as an accident, and no chance encounters, and that everything has a direct purpose ? am I the only one that has this dream ? You never had that dream?It’s actually very very similar to another dream I have where I wake up at noon to my phone ringing, and the ringtone is butterfly wings, I pick it up and it’s Howard stern, the view, Ellen, Charlie rose, telemundo and every news outlet in the world and they are all begging to have morning breath phone sex with me. I rub one out quick to a cacophony of moans and then I get up and see my picture on the cover of the new york times and I find out that I’m the most highest paid decorator alive……..To be continued ☺ LOL”

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12 Grain T-Shirts Release

We’re releasing a collection of four tees from Sam Flores’ 12 Grain line.  Ahead of Sam’s upcoming November show at the Articulate Baboon Gallery in Cairo, he’s designed these four tees with the world in mind, and here’s what he’s got to say about them:

Gang Over
–  Stop canceling each other out – gameover

Octo – The best things are where you least expect it – like an 8-arm Reggae-ton DJ’s at the bottom of the ocean!

Mouthful – Insert random descriptions anywhere

Night Owl – To all the city night owls, hoot hoot!

All four tees come in mens and womens sizes and are available at our retail locations and online at our webstore.

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