Gusmano Cesaretti @ Roberts & Tilton Gallery

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One of the best inclusions in the MOCA “Art in the Streets” exhibition was the photography of Gusmano Cesaretti, a street photography who documented a bunch of amazing cultures in East Los Angeles in the 1970s. The Italian born, LA-based photographer has an exhibition coming up in LA at Roberts & Tilton opening in January 2012, curated by Aaron Rose.

Roberts & Tilton is pleased to announce an exhibition of new and vintage photographs by Los Angeles based artist Gusmano Cesaretti,  curated by Aaron Rose.

The main gallery will feature work from the early period of Cesaretti’s career (1970s) in which he immersed himself in the East Los Angeles culture. His photographs of this era celebrated a sub-culture that had rarely been captured before. The exhibition will include twenty-four vintage, unique prints that have recently been discovered and will be shown for the first time in Los Angeles.

An Italian immigrant who moved to Los Angeles in the 1970s, Cesaretti quickly became fascinated by East Los Angeles. Inspired by the colors, people and graffiti that populated the East Side, he began to capture the vulnerability and uncensored quality of this area. Always honest when shooting his subjects, Cesaretti presents them as they are: violent, loving, confident, scared, full of life. It is this energy and conflict inherent in those who occupy the edges of society that drives his photographic investigations.

Great news everybody! Intel Supercomputer Predicts Gulf Spill Atlantic Bound!

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Yes, environmentalists rejoice. Intel knows more than BP. Well, BP knows a lot, they are just the evil corporation we have all come to either work for or give more power to. Looks like the Xeon-powered Encanto supercomputer has spent a few days on the oil spill in the Gulf, and here is came to its conclusion that “once the oil moves past Florida to the Gulf Stream, it could carry oil up to 3,000 miles each month–to the East Coast and beyond.”

Yes, Eastern Seaboard, screwed, too. Wow, BP is working SO hard to make sure the world is safe.

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