Earliest known copy of Mona Lisa found @ Prado Museum

prado 2 605x405 Earliest known copy of Mona Lisa found @ Prado Museum Spain prado museum prado mona lisa leonardo da vinci

Do you think that is a little odd? Like, oh, look what we found! The second most important piece of art in the world. It seems as if the earliest known copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was found at Spain’s Prado Museum, apparently created by one of da Vinci’s apprentices as the master created the original. As ArtDaily notes, “The copy has been part of the Prado collection for years and displayed occasionally but no one paid much attention to it because around the woman in the Mona Lisa was a stark black background, not the pretty landscape seen in the original.”

Let’s be honest… this would go for over $1bn at auction, right?

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Definitely Thursday: Oasis “Colour My Life”

We are going way back, to the earliest Oasis demos of 1992 for this track, “Colour My Life.” You can barely recognize Liam, but there are definitely Noel Gallagher guitar signatures all over this track. Seriously, Liam sounds like he is 15 here. He was probably 19. Young enough. And they sound exactly like the Stone Roses.

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Noise Pop x FIFTY24sf present PEZ “Louder Than Bombs”. The title “Louder Than Bombs” is in direct reference to The Smiths compilation album released in 1987, the band, and Morrissey, being a personal favorite of the artist. As a long time Bay Area staple PEZ’s hand style and graffiti has been seen most places you’ve looked—but his record covers and limited edition zines have reached cult status over the last few years and this exhibition reveals what makes the underground music, art and culture of the Bay Area so special.

About the Artist: PEZ is widely recognized around the world as one of the earliest sticker taggers in the history of graffiti, following in the footsteps of the legendary and infamous graffiti artists, Cost and Revs. He documented his experiences in with his Nikon FM2 35mm camera, and continued to post his stickers and other printed work around NYC. Today, Pez continues to make stickers and publish photography zines. Pez has exhibited in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Tokyo.