Doze Green, Zio Ziegler, D*FACE, Ana Marietta at Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas

Just over the past weekend, artists Doze Green, D*FACE, Ana Marietta,  Zio Ziegler and other muralists finished some incredible walls in Las Vegas at the Life is Beautiful Festival.  They also had an impressive line up of musicians at the festival including The Killers, Beck and The Cults and more. Check out the latest photos including the details of the massive mural by Zio Ziegler. The walls were curated by Charlotte Dutoit:

Mural by Ana Marietta:


BECK playing at the show:




LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-DFACE-UpperPlaygroundDOZE GREEN:


LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-DozeGreen-UpperPlaygroundThe CULTS:


LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-TheCults-UpperPlayground LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-UpperPlayground-2

Zio Ziegler:LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-ZioZiegler-UpperPlayground-2 LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-ZioZiegler-UpperPlayground-3 LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-ZioZiegler-UpperPlayground-4 LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas-ZioZiegler-UpperPlayground LifeisBeautiful-UrbanArtFestival-LasVegas


Jeremy Fish adds statue to mural wall in Lower Haight

Jeremy Fish just put the finishing touches on his mural at the entryway to the Lower Haight mural. Being that Jeremy Fish is a San Francisco ambassador, he get the primo prime real estate spot on the wall. If you go by said murals, you will see work from Ericailcane, Doze Green, Mars-1, and David Choong Lee. And now, you will see a Silly Pink Bunny sculpture.

Photos by Aaron Durand.