Unreleased Photos from New Documentary “Blue Velvet Revisted” by Peter Braatz

Blue Velvet is celebrating its 30th birthday this year coinciding with Peter Braatz’s release of Blue Velvet Revisited – never before seen photos and footage depicting the making-of. Director, Filmmaker and Transcendental Meditator, David Lynch asked German-born Braatz to come out to North Carolina to “observe him direct.” Braatz shot 70 reels of Super 8 film and took nearly 1000 photos. The behind the scenes look encapsulates the world of Blue Velvet and David Lynch like a fly on the psychedelic wall of the 1985 set. Photos of Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern, Kyle MacLachlan and of course, Mr. Lynch himself. 

“David was producing every piece of art,” Braatz says. “He’s writing, he’s creating props, he’s making set decoration. You see him in my film working on each piece himself. So it’s not just a portrait of Blue Velvet, but a portrait of David in 1985 as an artist.”

“Beneath that appearance there are so many things happening,” says Lynch in Blue Velvet Revisited, and this making-of piece will take its viewers there. The documentary is being released along with a soundtrack just out from Crammed Discs.

“Sound is so important to him [Lynch], he adds so many things in postproduction,” Braatz says. “Ants crawling under a glass or—how do you call it in English?—a match that goes on fire. These things are mostly related very closely to the sound of the picture.” Angelo Badalamenti composed the original movie’s soundtrack and went on to create many more musical masterpieces with Lynch on projects such as Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, and Twin Peaks.

Now Braatz has made an homage to Blue Velvet, sensual, provocative and true to the eccentric, dreamy vibrations of what is now a voyeur classic. A “meditation,” he calls it.

Braatz hopes the documentary will have a film festival premiere this year.

Photos: Peter Braatz Blue Velvet Revisited 

David Lynch

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini

David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini

Laura Dern and Kyle MacLachlan

Laura Dern and Kyle MacLachlan

Laura Dern and Kyle MacLachlan


Ed Ruscha x Dennis Hopper Exhibition Poster, Ferus Gallery, 1964

hopper Ed Ruscha x Dennis Hopper Exhibition Poster, Ferus Gallery, 1964 new york nada ferus gallery Ed Ruscha Dennis Hopper alden projects

Featured at the Alden Projects booth at the NADA Fair New York this past weekend was this gem; a 1964 exhibition poster of Ed Ruscha’s exhibition at Ferus Gallery, featuring an iconic photograph by Dennis Hopper. Probably our favorite thing we saw all weekend…

From Alden:

This is the vintage exhibition poster commemorating Ed Ruscha’s second one-person exhibition that opened at Ferus on October 20th, 1964 and where Ruscha originally exhibited his paintings of gasoline stations for the first time. This printing constitutes the original reception context for his friend, Dennis Hopper’s now infamous 1961 photograph taken through a windshield at the intersection of Santa Monica and Melrose: it captures a pit stop to which Ruscha would return again: a Standard Station and its doubled signs. A billboard over the gasoline station reads: “Smart Women Cook with Gas in Balanced Power Homes,” slyly eliding Ruscha’s own interest in signs, wordplay, gasoline stations, and small fires evident in his then-recent works. The photographic image is juxtaposed not with the quotidian details of the exhibition’s place and time, but simply with the loud signal of an early Op-like typeface, honking the artist’s name in green ink: “RUSCHA”.

Although Dennis Hopper’s photographs were incorporated into several Ferus Gallery exhibition poster contexts, this one—whose vantage and subject dovetails so closely with the young Ruscha’s own aims—was both a familiar and uncanny choice. “The Double Standard photograph of mine,” Hopper recalled, “which I took in 1961 was Ed’s announcement for his 1964 show (at Ferus) of paintings of Standard gas stations, one of which I bought, I think, for $780.” That the double boomerang of Hopper and Ruscha’s photographic readymades depicting urban scrawl — gasoline stations, billboards/signs, wordplay, font-play, and more — finds cross-pollination in this particular and original ephemeral context is a combustible elixir of Los Angeles car, cool, fame, and flame. This perplexing publication is the authentic 1964 issue, printed in its vintage strike. Very good condition. With no pinholes or time staining. Not to be confused with the different printed context of Ace Gallery’s re-issue of Hopper’s negatives as over-sized, boutique art photographs in 2006.

Dennis Hopper Screen Test

Screen shot 2011 05 13 at 10.55.14 PM Dennis Hopper Screen Test screen test Dennis Hopper dean and britta andy warhol

Andy Warhol put Dennis Hopper in front of his camera for a Screen Test in the mid-1960s, and in 2010, Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips created the soundtrack that would be played over it. And in the end, it may be the finest 4:32 on YouTube we can think of.

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Scott Caan, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Estevan Oriol

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We just happened to be watching Jimmy Fallon Friday night and see FIFTY24SF past exhibiting photographer, Estevan Oriol get a mention by actor and photographer, Scott Caan about his portrait of Dennis Hopper, and a nod of approval from The Roots.



Who wants Dennis Hopper’s home in Venice Beach for $6.2m?

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What else are you going to do with $6.245m? Invest in Google? Hell no, you are going to buy this Dennis Hopper compound in Venice Beach with 3-two story condos on the grounds that were designed by Frank Gehry, as well as a pool, pool house, and bungalow-style guest cottage. Wow, we should sell homes for a living. Maybe that is what we do, the world may never know…

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Dennis Hopper on James Dean

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We have been reading the last Dennis Hopper interview on Interview Magazine’s website, and with all the news and press on what looks to be the great retrospective on Hopper at MOCA, we were most fascinated with Hopper’s comments on his friend, James Dean. There is actually a lot of James Dean talk in Part, 1 on the interview, but this quote from Hopper, who himself was near his own death at the time of the interview, remarks,

I’m in the theater in Santa Monica. My agent is there. The play hasn’t started yet when my agent gets up and leaves to take a call. I’m sitting there, and he comes back and he’s ashen. He says, “I have to tell you something, but promise me that you’ll stay here in the theater.” I said, “Is it someone in my family?” He said, “No, but are you going to stay here?” “Yeah,” I say. He says, “James Dean was just killed in a car accident.” And at that moment, the lights went out on the stage, and the spotlight came up on this empty chair, and I flipped out. That was it. In fact, I think I hit my agent. I went crazy. It was a bad time. You know, I really believe in destiny, and that didn’t fit in.

Read the full interview because it will be good for you.

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Dennis Hopper, icon, rebel, artist, visionary, RIP

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This is how we want to remember Dennis Hopper, as the badass in “Easy Rider,” who wrote, directed, and starred in the film. And we want to remember him as the artist, photographer, visionary that he was in the contemporary art world. Its a very sad day in film and art, and we honor Dennis Hopper with some of his greatest hits throughout his life.

Photo by Dennis of Robert Rauschenberg

Photo by Dennis of Martin Luther King, Jr, 1965

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