RIP, Al Davis

Al Davis RIP 605x605 RIP, Al Davis rest in peace oakland raiders death al davis

We lost a good one today in Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis. Massachusetts-born, Oakland reigned, Davis is a landmark figure in professional sports, and a Bay Area icon. Although he had his issues later in his career with the Raiders, you can’t deny the winning years… the Commitment to Excellence was always there.

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Edgar M. Cullman Sr, the man behind Macanudo, dies at the age of 93

macanudo cigars Edgar M. Cullman Sr, the man behind Macanudo, dies at the age of 93 swedish match macanudo cigars general cigar company Edgar M. Cullman Sr cigars

As young lads, if you got your hands on a Macanudo cigar, you were stepping up your game. That said, the death of Edgar M. Cullman Sr, the man behind the growth of General Cigar Company and the rebirth of American cigar smoking, died at the age of 93. White Owl, Tiparillo and Tijuana Smalls, all under his chief executive hands. Swedish Match bought General Cigar in 2005, but to Mr. Cullman, we say thank you for a chance at mouth cancer, but looking damn good doing it.

An obituary at NYTimes.

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Definitely Thursday: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “The Death Of You And Me”

2noel gallaghers high flying birds   tdoyam packshot Definitely Thursday: Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds The Death Of You And Me the death of you and me solo Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds Noel Gallagher definitely thursday

Is there any question with Noel Gallagher’s first post-Oasis, solo track, “The Death of You and Me,” he was the talent in that band for the last 17 years? Okay, Liam, go back to your Beady Eye, Noel has wins… at least in an attempt to be a bit more graceful.

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New San and Escif in Death Valley and info on their show

deathvalley1 New San and Escif in Death Valley and info on their show San fifty24sf escif death valley

As we announced on the site the other day, Spanish street and fine artists, San and Escif, have been traveling with Upper Playground all around the West Coast, painting along the way, finding inspiration, and building a body of work that will be on display at our San Francisco gallery, FIFTY24SF, starting on June 30, 2011. They just sent us two images of a piece they finished in Death Valley, California.

Below, you can read our general announcement about the show, and a few words from both Escif and San about what the show will comprise of, and what their thinking is on the Upper Playground “See You in Croatan” road tour.

deathvalley2 New San and Escif in Death Valley and info on their show San fifty24sf escif death valley

We were taught in elementary school that the first settlements in North America failed; the colonists disappeared, leaving behind them only the cryptic message “Gone to Croatan”. The very first colony in the New World chose to renounce its contract with the Empire and go over to the Wild Men. They dropped out. They became ‘Indians,’ ‘went native,’ opted for chaos over the appalling miseries of serfing for the plutocrats and intellectuals of London” – TAZ, Hakim Bey

SAN FRANCISCO, CA [6.13.11] — FIFTY24SF Gallery presents “See you in Croatan” a road show by San & Escif opening on June 30th, 2011.

“See you in Croatan” is an experimental research project which will cross the lives and experiences of two friends in a random road trip across the west coast of the United States. As far away as possible from doctrines, imperialisms and linear reasoning. Searching for beauty in errors and fortuitous tools. Working with intuition and hazard; trying to light relations, transitions and processes; working with research as the way itself; understanding chaos as an ideal space for creation.

From Escif:

I’ve spent a few days thinking about the project, and about the way we are approaching it. The idea of generating a third language seems like it’s not working very well, at least not in a practical way.  Certainly it is a path that should become stronger during the journey, but so far it has seemed to be more of an impediment than the correct path. We already knew that teamwork is very complex, but I think it is a lot harder when the roles on the team are not well established. Because then the fight between the two egos grow to see who is the one directing the movie (I´m thinking out loud) and its something that gets more complex when the two directors (you and I) have such different ways of working.

From San:

I completely understand what you say. I think we have to be practical, although we both like to navigate riskier terrain than we normally would on our own. Team work is hard, and even more so when obsessive perfectionists like us work together, each with our own story, but it is what it is. When I made the two drawings that I sent you, I always thought that what I was doing was twisting my work a little bit to get closer to a new “skin”, not so much trying to invent a third language. I think that´s exactly where the focus of the expo should be, in making an effort to get out of our safe zone and dig into something a little less personal, but using our powers, of course…

San and Escif’s Road Show blog:

12 566x800 New San and Escif in Death Valley and info on their show San fifty24sf escif death valley

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Yankees’ owner, George Steinbrenner, RIP

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The man was larger than life, as depicted on “Seinfeld,” but George Steinbrenner turned the storied New York Yankees back into the most successful sports franchise of all-time, both financially and on the field. People chided him for spending hundreds of million dollars on players, outspending and out-earning teams but gigantic margins, but all Steinbrenner wanted was to win and fill Yankees Stadium. Which he did, to fan’s delight. He was undoubtedly a winner. He was 80 years old.

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Rammellzee, RIP

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We just heard from WorldsBestEver that Rammellzee, the influential and genre defying Gothic Futurist, has passed away. We think you should just watch this video clip to understand the man’s influence on hip-hop (especially with K Rob and Basquiat, visual art, and to some extent, fashion and performance art. This track is from Style Wars.

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Peter Orlovsky, 1933—2010

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Our friend, Jason Jaworski, just let us know that Beat Generation legend and poet, Peter Orlovsky, passed away on Sunday. We will have a special piece on Saturday to honor Peter. But for now… here is an Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky performance together.

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Monday Musing: A Dash Snow Interview

When was the last time you cried? “Not very long ago to tell you the truth. Three nights ago, high on dope and then nodding out trying to go to sleep at like 5 in the morning and my girlfriend called me and found out I was nodding out and then dumped me. I’d say that’s a good reason to cry.” We take a peek at a classic Dash Snow as the one-year anniversary of his death approaches this summer.

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