On PopMatters: Would a ‘Society Without God’ Be Hell on Earth? Or Would It Be Like Scandinavia?

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The article in question is about a book by Phil Zuckerman, called Society Without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment. “Zuckerman interviewed 149 people in Sweden and Denmark about God, religion, and faith, and his book contains lengthy excepts from these interviews.” And that is his book. Amazing.

We want to read it for a few reasons, one being in an ever-changing world, especially living here in the United States, we are starting to see the benefits of a nation or nation that does little to rattle the world’s attention, and just goes about their way to make the quality of life very high for everybody. We are envious. Health care, religion, education, wages, all those things are sorted out very well in Scandinavia.

“Most of the Danes and Swedes that Zuckerman interviews feel that their friends would look at them strangely if they said they did believe in God.” Interesting. How refreshing.

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