Florian Mihr Paints Classic, Non-Descript Cars

6928 1269 1 chevyva Florian Mihr Paints Classic, Non Descript Cars Florian Mihr

Some people treat their Ferrari, BMW, Jag, Mercedes, Aston-Martin, or even a vintage Range Rover as pieces of fine art, but what about your Dodge Ram, Monte Carlo, Ford Custom, or El Camino. Those deserve to be painted. So German artist Florian Mihr decided to do it. (via)

dodgeram Florian Mihr Paints Classic, Non Descript Cars Florian Mihr

elcamino Florian Mihr Paints Classic, Non Descript Cars Florian Mihr

fordcustom Florian Mihr Paints Classic, Non Descript Cars Florian Mihr

montecarlo 1 Florian Mihr Paints Classic, Non Descript Cars Florian Mihr

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The Bowery Stadium

Grotesk has a lot cooking at the moment, especially dealing with the custom Nike space at 276 Bowery, called Stadium MFG is born. The Bowery Stadium crew refreshed the facade of the building with the stickers we designed with Doubleday & Cartwright. Website coming soon.

Alaska Week: Brad Howell on “The Point System,” a new game in Alaska

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So one day I hopped into my friend’s ride and discovered a notepad with some guidelines and point values written out, I asked him what this was all about. He informed me that during his morning commute (a 40 mile affair that is common between Wasilla and Anchorage) he had become enthralled in observing ridiculous trends in Alaskan automobiles. I loved the idea and a legend was born. The game works a little like “slug bug” but instead of looking for VWs, one searches out certain vehicles and assigns a point for each of the items listed below. The winner is the one who gets the most points. Problem is, a monster like this can get out of hand the next thing you know you are taking spy shots of random people’s cars in the name of ultimate glory (see attached photo)

1) Dodge truck or neon
2) Custom exhaust
3) Wal-Mart rims (easier to spot that one may think)
4) Randomly tinted windows (for example, JUST the driver’s side)
5) A point for each shitty sticker (die cut stickers are so damn popular that there are multiple businesses who’s dedication is producing cut outs of strippers, various “AK Pride” slogans, snow-machine silhouettes, and middle fingers. You can’t make this stuff up.)
6) Spoilers
7) If the driver is rolling hard or deep in said shitty car
8) General jackassery behind the wheel.
After I sniped this shot, the game was called to a pause, nobody wanted to come to my level. Sadly, much like shots of Bigfoot, UFOs, and Hellboy, the quality is low but he image is unmistakable. Enjoy. —B howell

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The Citrus Report Open Office Food Court, Saturday, August 14th, 248 Fillmore Street

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In a continuing series of celebrity interactions at The Citrus Report Open Office, Alex Pardee and Jason Jaworski will be holding a Food Court special at 248 Fillmore Street, Saturday, August 14th, from 2pm-5pm.

Here is the full rundown, from Mr Pardee:

Do you live in the Bay Area? Do you like thinking about food? Do you like stories ABOUT food? Do you like terrible drawings of your favorite food doing unlawful and non-natural things? Do you like Asian men in their underwear? Do you like question marks? Hjoyu Ukkkr8kh aksiehen? Do you like made-up languages? Do you like Jason Jaworski & I?

Well, if your dating profile looks like a perfect match for the above questions, then read further, as your Saturday is gonna get a little more awesome.

Over the last few days, THE CITRUS REPORT has opened their office doors and allowed the amazing underwear-clad photo-journalist & author JASON JAWORSKI to sit down and type out some fun, on the spot customized stories for patrons of the community. How cool is that? Jason is like a living ZOLTAR MACHINE, typing out immediate stories, fortunes, facts, etc. He is an amazing researcher and unlike Google, he doesn’t rely on outdated technology for reference. Instead, he just makes shit up out of his imagination-google! Jason and I both live most of our lives inside of our imaginations. And tomorrow, Saturday August 14th, At the CITRUS REPORT OFFICE in San Francisco, our Wonder-Twinmagination powers are going to unite and gift you with customized (*though possibly terrible) portraits and stories of your favorite food item!

Here’s how it’s gonna work, if you are in the area:)
Custom Stories & Scribbles by Jason Jaworski & Alex Pardee
1. Come stop by The CITRUS REPORT OFFICE between 2PM – 5PM, located at:
248 FILLMORE ST (Lower Haight & Fillmore)
San Francisco, CA
2. Communicate with us a type of food that you love. You can use any form of communication. You can write down a food on a post-it. You can draw a piece of food. bring in a photo. actually bring us the dish (we might love that!!! hint). attempt to communicate telepathically on some Cris Angel shit. Or you can just say “pizza” or something.
3. Be prepared to hang for a few minutes as I scribble an inaccurate but maybe cute drawing depicting the secret life of your food of choice, while Jason Jaworski will use an ancient machine to type out an original story about your food!
4. Look at your food differently the next time you eat it:)
5. Have fun.

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