Upper Playground Releases Premium Collection of James Jean T-Shirts

Artist James Jean is releasing 5 designs at Upper Playground for the James Jean Premium T-Shirt Collection. Take a look at the renowned artist’s original work below. The collection will drop Wednesday, June 3rd at upperplayground.com.








About The Artist
James Jean is an award winning visual artist, known for both his commercial work and fine art gallery work. He is recognized in the American comics industry as an award winning cover artist for various books published by DC Comics, as well as for his work for Prada, ESPN and Atlantic Records. He also contributed to many national and international publications including Time Magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Spin, Linkin Park, Playboy among others. After countless awards and industry honors, James Jean is now retired from illustration and commercial projects to focus on painting.

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CRITTERS CROSS COUNTRY CASH CONTEST for $100000 by David Choe Begins!!!

David Choe recently released an official announcement to give one lucky winner $100000 if they can follow his clues posted on his social media accounts  @davidchoe @davidchoe2 @manchihammer and website dvdasa.com for the ultimate scavenger hunt.  And now the contest begins, officially titled, “CRITTERS CROSS COUNTRY CASH CONTEST” or #CCCCC.  DavidChoe-100000-scavangerhunt

Direct from DVDASA.com:

Time is of the essence, if you want to win this money ,you must get off your fucking ass and play with a sense of urgency, you will not win this game from the comfort of your home, you must leave and travel this great country to win.


You will be given clues and any extra helpful hints on my http://instagram.com/davidchoe , https://www.facebook.com/davidchoe1 , http://instagram.com/dvdasa , https://twitter.com/davidchoe , http://instagram.com/mangchihammer subscribe to DVDASA on youtube and Vid.me

There are about 10 locations you will have to find across this great country, and photograph yourself , in front of each location. At each location there are hand painted RED DOTS . they are monitored ,we are watching ,so if you tamper with the RED DOTS you will be instantly disqualified . if you cannot find the red dots and only the location you will get less points. So for best results you want to be the first person to each location, and take a picture of yourself, with the red dot or dots, holding a current local newspaper ,and the location in the background. The person with the most points on Halloween will be flown out to la and will win the One Hundred Thousand Dollars.

There will be a separate email for each clue given, email only that picture for that specific clue to that corresponding email.  For example if the clue was for mount rushmore, only send that mount rushmore picture to that specific email. WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO ANY EMAILS UNTIL A FEW WEEKS FROM NOW-YOU WILL NOT KNOW HOW GOOD YOU’RE DOING, WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE LEADER BOARD A FEW DAYS BEFORE THE END OF THE CONTEST.

Only the first 10 people to each location will get points from first to ten. So if you are the first person you will get 10 points and if you’re the tenth person you will get one point. If you get the red dot in the picture , you can add 2 points to your score, these points will come in handy later. If you come in after 10 , then oh well at least you got some fresh air and exercise. Don’t cry, pick yourself up and get to the next clue!

Any CHEATERS will be instantly Disqualified. The definition of cheating in this game, is whatever critter decides is cheating. Many many of you will not be happy because you will lose, there will be one very happy person because they tried and worked the hardest and won.

I will now give you the first 3 clues

CLUE#1- the clue is HO HO HO the very very last scene in this IGLOO comedy special https://vid.me/4dS  and 22minutes into http://www.vice.com/thumbs-up/thumbs-up-season-2-4-of-4 send pic to CCclue1@gmail.com

CLUE#2 – the clue is MOTHER FUCKER and the red zone letters from http://www.eater.com/2014/1/10/6298841/the-10-best-lines-from-david-chang-david-choes-dvdasa-podcast  this image http://imgur.com/1HMunrP and this http://instagram.com/p/i82fI1Pz_V/ send pic to CCclue2@gmail.com

CLUE#3 – the clue is http://instagram.com/p/omEDVKPzyi/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McDjaLgrrRg and 2:35 into http://youtu.be/Os-2SMPuyuY send pic to CCclue3@gmail.com

Ok this should be enough to get you started, I didn’t make it too hard more clues will be coming soon. have fun and godspeed

If you’re a little slow and need additional hints.





Latest Press Release from David Choe: Is this the end of DVDASA?

DavidChoe-DVDASA-ChoeMatrix001 DavidChoe-DVDASA-ChoeMatrix002

“Currently, a powerful woman is reciting the English alphabet backwards as I’m forcibly shoving my cock down her throat. This is called “facefucking”.

In the press I’m often referred to as the Facebook artist. To this woman, I am only known as the facefuck artist. In between my cock down her throat and me trying to write this, she is making her tongue hard and sharp like a saber and spearing my butthole. This is called “tossing the salad”. This phrase originated from the prison system, stronger inmates make the weaker inmates lick their anuses, because they are deprived of any feminine contact while serving their time in jail.

They call it “tossing salad” because when the weak inmates would do this, they would try put a type of salad dressing from the mess hall on their abuser’s anus, so it would mask the taste. In my case I prefer ranch or creamy Italian.

Between her making out with my ranched b-hole, I’m leaning down to kiss her face, then facefucking her again immediately after pulling out of the velvety soft, pretty pink folds of her asshole lips. This is called “ATM” or “ass to mouth”.

On DVDASA, no topic is off-limits. There is nothing we won’t talk about. This is called “reverse ATM” or “talking out of my ass”.

I’ve done this show every week for a year and a half, for free, with no commercials and no sponsors. I bow down to no one and answer to no one. I don’t need to appease anyone. We tackle subjects no one else will ever get near, because they are worried about imaginary consequences that do not exist. I make this show because I am my own worst enemy and biggest fan. I care more and care less than you ever could. Nowhere in the physical, virtual, or spiritual world will you find content like this. Once you enter, you can never leave. Once you’ve been infected, once you have taken the pill and opened your chinky eyes to our world, you can never go back.  That’s why this one time for like 2 days we were #1 in Health.

DavidChoe-DVDASA-ChoeMatrix005 DavidChoe-DVDASA-ChoeMatrix003

Words are meaningless. From stories, to lies, to broken and unbroken promises, words on walls and bathroom stalls, to words coming out of mouths. Songs and stories are all utterly meaningless. Often meant to inspire, more times than not all they do is distract.  Besides for communication, words are meaningless, and all that matters in this life is not what you say and write, but what you do. Action. What you DO in this life is all that matters.

I’ve spent too much time posing and posturing in the style of braggadocio and boating in the style of show, repeatedly making the claim that  “I am unblackmailable”  – and so now, the unthinkable in my mind has occurred, the unblackmailable has become blackmailable…

…touché fuckface.

I smell the embers and pubis of all the bridges and bushes this show, DVDASA, has burned in my life. The water level and threat level rises past my body, as just the tip of my dick hole sticks out creating a donut shaped island with room for none as the circle closes in on me.

DVDASA is the name of my show. It stands for – Double Vaginal, Double Anal, Sensitive Artist. Or in layman’s terms; two dicks in your cunt, two dicks in your fart tank, art fag. It is the greatest fucking show in the universe, there are other great shows out there, but nothing like this one. This one is ours, and we are the fucking best. We do not give a fuck about anything, we don’t follow the rules of normal society, and definitely not the rules and standards of your reality. We find unity, laughter, redemption, clarity and creativity through embracing the darkness. It’s horrible, we know its horrible, turn it off if you don’t like it, see if we care (we care a lot).

I love America, I love that some crazy ancestor of mine somehow escaped communist North Korea so that my family could live the American dream in this country that allows me to discuss my mating and shitting habits on air without censorship. My great grandfather Zing Zong Choe would be proud. DVDASA is NOT the place to come to for reliable news. It’s not the news, it’s art for farts sake. When we hurt, you laugh. When you hurt, we laugh and then eat your pain and sadness buffet away. It’s not for everyone, its most likely not for you.


I am an exorcist who never exercises. On our show we exorcise demons and release skeleton inmates from closet prisons at our own expense. We fuck with each other, and sometimes even fuck each other. If you don’t want to be fucked with, don’t play with us. Don’t listen. If you are highly sensitive and are easily hurt by words, please don’t ever tune in. The only victims are the ones who listen to this show, we audio rape you ‘til your ears bleed and your skull is fucked. We cum inside your brain and hydrate your membrane. Don’t come in. It’s dark as shit in here.

As an artist, DVDASA was an incubator of ideas, a think tank for the public to interact with me, real time as its happening. The life of any good artist is lonely. DVDASA allowed the creative process to exist without being in a bubble. As an artist I want to connect with people. It’s silly in 2014 to just communicate as a painter. Everybody is everything.

DVDASA doesn’t make me feel good when I look at it, it’s like listening to my most horrid embarrassing cringe worthy teen diary entry. The only thing that feels good is that it’s an honest portrayal of my betrayed feelings no matter how fucked up and unreliable my feelings may be.

It’s an audio interpretation of my life, right now, in this moment.  Not what I want it to be, not what it was, but what it is. Not a tightly curated, edited version of what I want it to be, but the reality of the life I’m living, laying it all out for you to see and hear.

I really prefer not to pull the race card, but I will anyway. The fear of Asian males in modern American society is unbelievable to me. Yes, we are going to own most of this planet soon, but that’s no reason to hate. It’s not just from white America, it’s from within our own yellow America. Yellow on yellow hatred. Hate levels are at vitamin piss colored yellow.

There is a strong desire to continue to constantly portray Asian males as nerdy, faggy, asexual, small dicked kung fu waiters. Why didn’t Jackie Chan get to fuck or even fingerbang in Rush Hours 1, 2, or 3? Why didn’t Jet Li get to fuck or even kiss Aliyah in Romeo Must Die? What is the problem? Why are there zero Asian male porn stars in American heterosexual porn? (Jungle Asians don’t count).

What is this fear of a yellow planet?


With all the outrage and hate I constantly get for doing this show, who is the worst hate from? Not the Whites or Blacks. Our own.

I want to take this time now to thank everyone in the cast for joining me on this excellent adventure, and also apologize to everyone (including you) for bringing them along this journey and then pulling the parachute. I’m sorry I’m not noble enough a man to go down with the ship. I’m saving myself. Things have gotten so dark, so complicated and stressful, so far from where I wanted to be, that I yearn for a much simpler time.

I’m sorry to Maury Showbizawitz, Zell, and Guam Cruise if I forced you on to a show you never wanted to be on in the first place, and if it hurt you in any way.

Thanks to Yoshi for eating my chips.

Thanks to Critter who always protects me, and always lights up the room with his beautiful laugh and smile. He just wanted to relax and eat snacks, but got dragged into the yellow ether, and stepped up in the end.

Thanks to Bobby Trivia who brought his strangely odd yet curiously endearing trivia show and good natured innocence. Even with his darkest dick, brought light to an otherwise dark, morally bankrupt show

Thanks to The Dark Dick, Sonny c0c0 and dvdasallen2 for always producing original quality art for the whole DVDASA family every single episode. You guys made me LOL 🙂 every week for the last two years.

Thanks to Money Mark for all his wisdom and experience, always teaching me new things, from cooking and eating right, to how to make your own instruments. All this while bringing joyous music and stability to an otherwise dysfunctional family.

Thanks to Bobby Lee for bringing your brother on the show, and being one of the only ones doing it right for K People.

Thanks to Quangou AKA Steve Lee aka SteeBee WeeBee, the more funnier oil brother. My little Stevie, what can I say son, I love you like my son, brother, father, lover. The amount of stress you bring to my life is only eclipsed by the amount of laughter you constantly bring into my life.

Thanks to Bill Poon AKA the #1 Whore Transporter AKA The Poon Job AKA Pooner AKA The Poon Reporter AKA The Poon Tang Clan. Love him or hate him, he has bigger balls than any of you fuckers, he’s so sweet and he reveals so much for the good of the show and makes sure all our whores and guests arrive safely and on-time.

Thanks to Val for always cleaning up after our disgusting asses and always being right.

Thanks to everyone behind the scenes. Alex, Scrotum Coat, Steven, Yen, Virgin Shane, Juan. Everyone I ever hired and fired to help with the show, whether I hate you or love you, I still appreciate the little or a lot of work you did.

Thanks to Asa Akira, my lover and my airtight anchor, my sister, my queen. The smartest, sweetest, funniest, down to earth STA chick I know. The best co-host anyone could ever ask for, you are beyond hardcore in every way and down as fuck. You always have my back and are loyal to me, and I will love you forever no matter what happened. Just know that.I can’t wait to see what comes out of you next.

And finally to you, motherfucker. The biggest thank you – to all of you who ever listened to us. For stories, for laughs, for education, for entertainment, to hate on us ,to love us, from the bottom of my pussyhole and heart , for the smiles and cries on behalf of the entire DVDASA family, take what you’ve seen and heard here and take it out into the world and buttfuck this life , rape life , take charge and make it yours , and laugh throughout it all. That’s the most important thing, to always be laughing.  As the unblackmailable host of this show , I regret to let you all know I’ve been black mailed and my life has literally been ruined , I stayed on the edge too long , made my round red target as big and bright as possible and I got shot . But like the song says ,nothing lasts forever and all good things must come to an end , if the good die young then we will live forever . I’m trying to set a good example and keep my head up through all this bullshit , but I must go now. move onto the next chapter , thanks for listening to the greatest show on earth, Thanks for coming into our DVDASA world and sharing your love, hate and creativity with us, You are our DVDASA family(I should’ve warned you , you can never get out now, you can never go home), I hope you never see anything the same way again, I hope you never take it easy, I hope you never be safe and always stay IN trouble. in this world full of horrible people thank god for… you.

DVDASA was my uncomfortable truth and burning light. That has now been put out.

Thank you god for my newborn son, axl ROSE choe –bringing a new pure light into my life. I will be home soon my love.

Now I urge you all please , who’ve made it this far , take those two dicks out of your vag and those two dicks out of your ass and get to work… it’s time for you to continue the work. Please bro.

Sincerely , CHOEY

as a consolation prize please enjoy this unauthorized fan made DVDASA film titled  “igloo hong’s castle of comedy special ” which showed up in our email today. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. I can only imagine how long this will stay up.” – via dvdasa.com