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We don’t like to report on the finances of our friends, so we will let David explain about why he, David Choe, was on the cover of the New York Times today, just below the Egypt soccer riots, and why he and Facebook will continue to be tied together in some sort of way.

Fuck, have you had the dream where you ARE this guy?!? And then some kind of happy accident happens , and as you’re in the middle of this glorious car crash , you stop to realize , that there is actually no such thing as an accident, and no chance encounters, and that everything has a direct purpose ? am I the only one that has this dream ? You never had that dream?It’s actually very very similar to another dream I have where I wake up at noon to my phone ringing, and the ringtone is butterfly wings, I pick it up and it’s Howard stern, the view, Ellen, Charlie rose, telemundo and every news outlet in the world and they are all begging to have morning breath phone sex with me. I rub one out quick to a cacophony of moans and then I get up and see my picture on the cover of the new york times and I find out that I’m the most highest paid decorator alive……..To be continued ☺ LOL”

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David Choe gets cover of VICE

Nice one Dave. You probably know that our good friend Mr Choe had the “Thumbs Up” series on Vbs.tv, so we should have expected a nice (and this is nice) cover for VICE Magazine at some point. Looking good.

As Dave mentions… “2012 ENTER THE DRAGON!!!! let’s start this shit right! i just got my advance copy of VICE for january, i did my version of ,”year of the dragon” for the cover, you can’t see it so good in this picture, but thats metallic blue printed over super bright orange/pink we brought back some of that 90’s comic book frenzy shit. thisll be hitting streets in a week, i’ll post the alternate color cover, for the cities that didn’t want to spring for the metallics..”

We have a bunch of David Choe apparel in our webstore for you to buy.

El Mac x BL!SSS Magazine Cover

El Mac is the new cover artist for  BLISSS magazine, with a six page interview by graffiti artist, Ewok MSK. This piece was painted last summer in Singapore as part of the VIET NAM: the World Tour project. Good for El Mac. He was one of our favorite exhibitions back in 2009, and we are happy that more and more publications are getting him coverage.

Read the article here: ELMAC X BLISSS Magazine

Retna on the cover of the September 2010 Juxtapoz

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That is an epic cover. Retna has the cover of the September 2010 issue of Juxtapoz, and everyone in our office is hyped because we all like Retna and remember his great 2007 show at FIFTY24SF Gallery. And Jeffrey Deitch did the introduction to the piece, so definitely a landmark for Retna.

The issue also has a subscriber-only cover of INSA, and interviews with Richard Colman, Allyson Mellberg, INSA, Retna, Pose, and KC Ortiz. Great issue… we read it last night.

Here is the INSA cover.

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Juxtapoz.com has a feature on Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra is the current cover of Juxtapoz Magazine, and they have a nice companion feature on the Mexico-based tattoo and fine artist. Caleb Neelon, who is a writer and artist himself, interviewed Lakra, and they had this exchange:

Caleb: I heard that somewhere along in this time, your work came out in the very first issue of Juxtapoz.

Dr. Lakra: When the first issue came out I think they invited a few people to participate or to recommend people they liked. One of those people was Ed Hardy, and he recommended me. I met him at a few conventions, maybe a few months before that, around 1993, and the magazine came out in 1994.

Read more here.

Feeling the Dr. Lakra Juxtapoz cover

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Saw this one on the newsstand last night, and we had to say, a nice move for Juxtapoz. Dr. Lakra has been one of the key artists in our minds for the last decade, and this cover is quite striking. Funny, reading up on this issue, Lakra was in the first issue of Juxtapoz in 1994… we are waiting to get our subscriber cover, but it looks like this…

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M.I.A. on the cover of new Complex Magazine, and there’s a video

M.I.A. on the cover of new Complex Magazine, and there’s a video” posted from: The Citrus Report | Art, Culture, News, Graffiti, Music, Street Art, Clothing, Politics, Reviews

Everyone is hyped on the M.I.A. machine right now. We got a new album on the horizon, July 13th to be exact, magazine covers, videos, tweets, the whole package. Complex just released their cover and a video of the photo shoot. Check it out.

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