Chasing light: Arctic landscapes by Zaria Forman

Artist Zaria Forman works with soft pastels on paper to recreate moving images of the disappearing icebergs in Greenland.

Her fine tuned technique of capturing these melting icecaps create a sense of mystery and awe of these disappearing beauties and remind us to consider the consequences of global climate change.
zaria forman, chasing the light, arctic, soft pastel, greenland zaria forman, chasing the light, arctic, soft pastel, greenland zaria forman, chasing the light, arctic, soft pastel, greenland
zaria forman, chasing the light, arctic, soft pastel, greenland


Josh Keyes goes the size of an NBA hoop

Josh Keyes Migration Juxtapoz 605x254 Josh Keyes goes the size of an NBA hoop new york city Josh Keyes Jonathan LeVine Gallery

And something tells us he will sell more paintings than the Knicks will sell tickets in the coming months. Hey-o! Josh Keyes has painted a 10-foot long piece, Stampede, as the centerpiece for his new solo show, Migration at Jonathan LeVine Gallery that opens up next week. Here is a little press release on the show:

On the subject of his show title, in the artist’s words, Migration and displacement were ideas that continued to surface in my mind while I was painting these images. I was thinking about the effects of climate change and the way some ecosystems that thrive in a specific range of temperatures—like polar or tropical climates—are experiencing a shrinking of their boundaries. Ecosystems that were separate are now slowly merging and overlapping one another, causing disruptions in the food web and increased competition for food and space among species. Some become displaced and are forced to migrate, in order to survive.”

Watch the clip of 10:10 campaign’s “No Pressure film

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If you are going to make a political statement, in this case, the 10:10 is making a point about climate change, then you should make a real bloody mess and blow up school children to demonstrate that point. We agree with it, and you should get Gillian Anderson, Radiohead, screenwriter Richard Curtis, and Peter Crouch to be in it (obviously this is British). Watch the clip, don’t drive so much, be worried about the future, and try not to blow up school children or co-workers.

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Extremes in heat threaten the world’s coral reefs

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Global climate change is not really going so well, is it? Well, we shouldn’t say that, because there is a chance that its just this years’ extreme heat that is causing problems in the world, especially the world’s coral reefs. The NY Times has a special report, that finds:

This year’s extreme heat is putting the world’s coral reefs under such severe stress that scientists fear widespread die-offs, endangering not only the richest ecosystems in the ocean but also fisheries that feed millions of people. From Thailand to Texas, corals are reacting to the heat stress by bleaching, or shedding their color and going into survival mode. Many have already died, and more are expected to do so in coming months.

Read the full article here, try and not be depressed about losing something special.

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