Perfect Grey Crewneck: Velva Sheen

VS Grey10 1 605x652 Perfect Grey Crewneck: Velva Sheen velva sheen inventory grey crewneck

If you are in the market, the Velva Sheen 10oz Grey crewneck is a must. Available at Inventory. The notes: “Velva Sheen Mfg Co. was once a producer of sweats, t-shirts, jackets and gym shorts for colleges, camps, schools and the United States Armed Forces. Established in 1932, the Cincinnati Ohio based company has since changed hands and is now produced in California, USA.”

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Tiffany Dawns Photographs

Where do you live?
Cincinnati Ohio

What do you take pictures of?
I take photos of a variety of things so my work flow is divided up by specific projects. Currently I am in a transitional state. For the past 6months I have been focusing on creating portraits that rely on the interaction between the person being photographed and the space in which they live. Some of it borders fashion but I like to consider them lifestyle portraits.

What are your influences?
I believe in being involved in your local art community and looking at new work that other artists are producing as much as you can. There are a also few blogs that I look at daily such as Tim Barbers and Aaron Feaver’s feaverish fashion photography blog

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I like to take each moment for what it is and not think too far ahead. All I can tell you right now is that 2011 is pretty dope and in 5 yrs… I hope for my name to be recognizable

What makes you happy?

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Chris Johanson & Charley Harper

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We just recently stopped by a very clean, but solid showing of two of our all-time favorite artists, Chris Johanson and the late Charley Harper, at Altman Siegel Gallery in San Francisco. The sparse space, both in the amount of artwork on display and the gallery itself, lent itself to being able to view art that had room to breath. Johanson’s work in particular, that at once can be strikingly simplistic and at times distractedly chaotic (one of the reasons we appreciate seeing his work in person) held the room together with a few customary and signature pieces. Over the years, Johanson has grown on us because of these settings, whether it be at the SFMoMA or a few prints here and there at Park Life… he is one of the few artists that we like to see on white walls.

Charley Harper, on the other hand, is just an artist that we admire in style. He is like the Mad Men aesthetic. Straight lines, modern subjects, and a terrific color palette, the small drawings in white frames were impressive. The Cincinnati-born Harper, who passed away in 2007, has recently seen resurgence due to his illustration books, and to us at this particular setting, Harper’s work with post-industrial subject matter was the highlight.

If you are in San Francisco, this is a good way to waste a bit of time and see some great artwork. The juxtaposition of modern and a unique brand of post-19990’s San Francisco contemporary painting works well in a setting devoid of distraction.—The Citrus Report staff

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