China and Hollywood… a remake.

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China knows the power of Hollywood. So does the United States. For decades now, the US has used Hollywood as the salesperson for the American/Capitalist Dream around the world.

An official Chinese delegate team were in LA this week to meet the mayor and develop various business relationships.

As FastCompany reports, “The trip underscores China’s ever-increasing interest in the Hollywood film industry–the Chinese are supposedly buying out MGM, have welcomed with open arms Hollywood films on their own soil, have begun placing their products in Hollywood films, and have begun recruiting Hollywood actors for their own films.”

Basically, a blueprint is being passed from one power propaganda machine to another. Let’s see how this one plays out.

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The Chinese Breast Shaker… the slow eating victory of capitalism

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Its kind of like a sunrise, where you can’t seem to tell where the earth begins and the sky ends and it is all just so beautiful and confusing and awe-inspiring and you get a tear in your eye… that is what capitalism in China means to us.

Remember how the Chinese factory worker couldn’t believe the shit he was making for Americans? Now he can’t believe the shit he is making for his wife. The tables have turned.


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Kenta Torri at FIFTY24MX Gallery

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Mexico City-based but Japanese born Kenta Torri is showing at FIFTY24MX Gallery with a solo show called Saiyuki Punk. The show inspired by the ancient Chinese story “Journey to the West” (the same that inspired Dragon Ball) in which the main character, the Monkey King, travels to the west to rescue some manuscripts. In this journey the characters fight in spiritual battles to reach illumination. Kenta reinterprets the story mixing traditional iconography with a contemporary punk aesthetics.



Ai Weiwei’s “Sunflower Seeds” @ Tate Modern is badass

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This may be our favorite piece of art/installation we have seen all year. If you have been to the Tate Modern in London, then you know how massive the atrium/grand hall that opens the museum is, the Turbine Hall. Well, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has covered the floor of the Turbine Hall with sunflower seeds. Not just sunflower seeds, but porcelain recreations of sunflower seeds produced by craftsman from Jingdezhen, China. Wow. As we have been reading around, this obviously is a play on “Made in China” and the Chinese legacy of porcelain. Crazy.

Images from Hypebeast.

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Still can’t wrap our heads around the world’s largest/longest traffic jam

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We have can’t seem to grasp the almost 100km long traffic jam in Beijing. It looks/seems surreal, like something out of a Terminator movie. But no, this is real.

As the Guardian reports, “Thousands of drivers on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway just outside the Chinese capital have been snared by roadworks ever since 14 August – and the disruption is expected to last a further month. The tailbacks now stretch for a mind-boggling 100km and 400 police officers have been assigned to the area to quell rising tensions, with impromptu vendors said to be charging exorbitant prices for tea and noodles.”

What? 400 police officers? And they say Sao Paulo is even worse….

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Chinese remake of Coen Brothers’ “Blood Simple” sounds interesting

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Chinese fillmaker, Zhang Yimou, is remaking Blood Simple, the debut and superb film from the Coen Brothers. Some bloggers suggest that this is the start of China’s financial clout begins shaping the industry. The Texas-set tale of murder and betrayal, relocated to dusty Gansu province in ancient imperial times. Sounds great in our heads. Oh, and the title? A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop. No joke.

It will be release in the United States next month, so we all get to see it.

Click that link up there for a lot more China vs USA movie news.

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