Paloma Palomino x Basco Vazko create new series, “Aymara, Valeria, Camila & Melina”

Our old friend from Chile, Basco Vazko, and his girlfriend, Paloma Palomina just created this photography series together, titled “Aymara, Valeria, Camila & Melina.” For obvious reasons, as the models are named Aymara, Valeria, Camila, and Melina. The project ties together their strenghts: Basco’s illustrative style and Palomina’s photography.

More of Palomina’s photography here.

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hello !! my English its so basic, but i will answer these questions

I live in South America, conception Chile
but i lived also in Brazil

My pictures are of my friends, trips, places and my life in general,

I use digital and analogous cameras

My photography is instantaneous, without studies, without major sophistication, I am totally self-taught. I study arquitecture and this study taught me on the photography.

My influences are the street and the spontaneous thing, but for especially the street and his prominent figures
I meet travelling, that is what mas I like to do, living as a nómade, then I will live in Spain or brazil for a few years, if everything proves well.

It makes me happy, the bicycle, my friends, the simplicity, the nature, the marijuana and the moments that are genuine and pure, the adventure, the risk.

I am a simple boy, without major prejudices, am totally latinamerican.

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Today we were blessed with a great visit at the Nike 255 Store. Hunter from Nike SB came by with no other than truly talented skateboarders P-Rod and Omar Salazar. They loved the residency and asked to get some customized gear. As P Rod went pretty clean with a left chest Dodgers patch on a crisp polo, Omar asked me to design from scratch a tee representing his chilean revolutionary roots. He wanted to pay an homage to his courageous parents that fought against Dictator Pinochet back in the 70’s in Chile and ended up in the USA as political refugees. Good time with two great west coast dudes. Respect!


Primera feria de arte contemporáneo de Chile, una iniciativa privada que ha logrado reunir a la mayoría de las galerías de santiago y algunas universidades privadas en un evento que lamentablemente no se había visto antes en esta ciudad.
Por supuesto se me ocurren algunas criticas para esta primera feria como por ejemplo la ubicación elegida, excluyente. Solo para autos o vecinos del santiago alegado.

pero en fin una primera feria es mejor que ninguna feria y tener a casi todas las galerías juntas aun que sea a la punta del cerro es mejor que seguir sin este tipo de eventos.
sin querer ser objetivo nuestra galería o sea en la cual decidí mostrar una pequeña selección de trabajos antiguos invitado por mi amigo y director de esta Manuel Peralta era la mejor!
ademas exponer junto a mi amigo y vecino Gabriel y poder estar en un espacio (mas bien un SUPERESPACIO) que se siente como nuestra casa es impagable!

basco vazko!

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