Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”

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Regardless of your feelings about suburbia and the offensive nature of the words “the suburbs,” placed next to each other in a sentence has come to symbolize, we can’t help but feel nostalgia when we think of growing up amongst the “mountains beyond mountains” of track homes, golf courses, and short white tennis shorts on Saturday mornings. Nostalgia doesn’t neccesarily mean we want to go back to high school, or play football in our neighborhood cul-de-sac, and try and find some culture in the nearest “big” city before curfew drew us back to the perfectly hand-pressed lawns and gardens.

Memories of trying to discover culture, art, and new THINGS that were deemed foreign is a feeling that is hard to recreate, and that is where we are coming from here. When you grow up in the suburbs, or at least the particular suburb we grew up in, life was easy, but not always illuminating. You had to go discover real moments of culture, you had to seek out danger, you had to get in that car and try and find that used book written by an obscure European writer, album by that British band, or to find a less homogeneous group of people. It was thrilling to leave the suburbs, and then to come back and compare it to your situation. It was how you grew up, stayed sane, and had memories you cherish today. You remember being 18 and hungover on a Sunday morning listening to “Pet Sounds,” or getting high and driving for hours and hours listening to that one album that “changed” your perspective. Getting over it all was part of why you remember it.

That is where we are at with the Arcade Fire’s 3rd LP, The Suburbs. Kids who live there now, or even grown-ups who grew up in the suburbs, only to move to the city for a few years and move back to that comfort, probably won’t get that visceral feeling listening to this. This is the music that stands outside of being in your childhood, outside of the actual suburbs, of looking back at any particular memory. Its the music that surrounds the feeling of being nostalgic for something you didn’t actually like, the soundtrack of good moments that can only be written in hindsight.

A lot of people will say that this album is melodramatic and simplistic toward suburban life, and that the thoughts and emotions evoked are retreads of previous films, music, and art. But we don’t this is a political statement per se, rather a recreation of a past written by people who no longer live, or will ever live, in the suburbs again. It is like saying an ultimate goodbye to an entire generation of suburban kids who either decide to move back or leave it all behind. The Arcade Fire seem to be saying, this made us who we are, these feelings led us to create the art we created, it isn’t bad, it isn’t good, lessons were learned, some of those times were so simple and great, and some of those memories hurt to this day. And we think most of us can relate.

The highlights? “Ready to Start” and “Sprawl Ii (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” stood out for us initially, but now most of the album has seeped in on our 5th listen. “Modern Man,” “Empty Room,” and “Half Light Ii (No Celebration)” have grown on us, and a lot of the songs just sort of pass, almost intentionally… as if looking out the back of your parents car on a Sunday drive to your aunt and uncles house. You remember the signs, each house, but you don’t ever want to stop and take it all in.

We feel like a lot of people will give this album an A+, and give Arcade Fire keys to indie kingdom. That seems appropriate on some level, but more so, we think this is an interesting concept album in a world of non-albums. Only a few bands can do that in this day and age, make you stop and listen to 16 (!) songs in order, start to finish, and actually think about intentions. And if that is Arcade Fire’s lasting legacy, then that is enough to look forward to album #4.

The Suburbs: 4/5

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Argentina’s Lionel Messi wants Oasis to regroup for World Cup, asks their price

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Argentina’s Lionel Messi thinks Oasis is amazing. Er, were amazing. He is asking the band to regroup for World Cup 2010, and wants to know their price tag for such reforming.

Messi says: “I showed the rest of the boys in the Argentina squad their stuff and I promise you, everybody absolutely loves it. A few knew a couple of their songs but for most of them it was their first listen. We have agreed that if we win the World Cup we want to fly them over to Argentina for our celebration party. We just need them to name their price.”

We could go for a little “Lyla” with 50,000 people in a sing-a-long.

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Peter Orlovsky / 1933 – 2010

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Peter Orlovsky — 1933 – 2010

I was going to write something over-arching, a text containing his life as the muse for Ginsberg, his inspirations for ‘Howl’ and his position within the Beat canon amongst such luminaries of the genre as Burroughs, Corso, Kerouac and Cassady. I was going to write of his relationships with Robert Frank, Warhol and Dylan-

Instead,  I opened a book of poems of his, finding myself reading the introduction that Gregory Corso wrote and thought that nothing could be added as an obituary; that this celebration in text from one beat poet describing another was better suited than a fact-filled sheet of a timeline of someone’s life:

“Orlovsky was the kind of natural voice W.C.W. believed America would one day sound. I remember him praising Peter’s first poem: “Nothing English about it — pure American.” That was twenty years ago. Now, twenty years hence, Peter has voiced a volume of poems, pure Americana, and unlike any American sound. Bucolic and sexual, these poems are replicate of his farmer produce (organic and natural) and of his love for the male and female of his heart’s desire.

He hails the human asshole as divine — He offers humankind an anatomical compassion for that bodiy part long maligned, shame-wracked, and poetically neglect. 
Keep it clean in between is a golden define of self-respect. The angel without wings is with asshole a reality. The angel with wings is a painted thing, a dream. The dual asshole: bucolic and sexual. What comes out, he believes, aught benefit the fields not the seas, aught fertilize not pollute – 
     What goes in, he lauds as a variable of sex not solely of homosexual kind -
     The lovers of callipygian joy are universal.

Peter is an original; a refined spirit … regard: ‘neath his poetic capote nothing primitive holds claim – An agricultural romantic, the Shellean farmer astride his Pegasusian tractor re-poems the earth with trees of berry and roots of honey; whose dirtian hands scribe verses of soy, odes of harvest; whose hymns to redolent shovels of manure nourish the fields that so nourish us, both in body meal and the cosmetics of soul.”

Gregory Corso 
San Francisco 
October 19, 1977

– Jason Jaworski
San Francisco, CA


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Ive been so bad at getting my blog on, been in the Lab making some black magic! But lets do a little catch up.
One of my recent trips was to beautiful Medellin Colombia to Launch the Gold KidDragon figure we made for Gallery bestiaextrana.
They picked Ol Johnny Trash up from a long 34 hour flight, and we drove down the windy roads to the city.
were we ate and went to check in.

had a nice salad, a colombian cheese and spinoche canalloni, flan and a Medellin barley pop!

Then i checked in to the telly, I love hotels, good and bad. Just love hotels.
Now this one SHIIEEETT! was nicer then any house ive lived in, had my own kitchen bedroom and 2 bath.
Not trying to brag all im saying is they took care of your boy!!

Got to the event that night, kids were deffinently too cool for any school ive attended. Early in the night all the youngins were out very cool and very excited!

hit a nice veggie tofu thai jammy jam

then it was time for a plethora of custom Shit Yor Pants colombiuan shots. If u dont know what plethora means see 3amigos

Then all the heads got together and we hit this old car.

these dudes make these little cardboard figures !

Woke up with my friend Harry Hangover! had a Traditional breakfast of Cheese and a colombain Papusa, watched an amazing movie.

Christmas is more important out here then it is for Macys in the US. found this crazy display

Like i said before everyone in Colombia as breast implants, even the mannequins!

found one of the homies painting this dope bird on the street.

alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5458229530865613522″ />
off to the Celebration of Lights! To Be Contd…..