Muni, Dogs, Puny, Cats, Print, Limited Edition, SF, San Francisco

“Just imagine the pleasures of public transportation if we were riding around in sweet dachshund busses, driven by wonderful british short haired cats. I have been unable to drive my van recently, and as I take public transportation, this dog bus and muni driver cat fantasy, make the drive much more pleasant. Hop on a dog today and high five the cat as you pay your fare. San Francisco is still the best city in the world, get out there and explore it.”
– Jeremy Fish

Limited Edition of 100, Signed & Numbered Prints by Jeremy Fish are now available at upperplayground.com/jeremy-fish

IKEA releases 100 cats in store, just see what would happen we presume

Posted from The Citrus Report

Because IKEA can do whatever it is that they want, they wanted to release 100 cats into their Wembley, London store as an experiment. No real point it seems, but to release 100 cats and see if they get nervous, confused, and tired in their stores like the normal average customer who can’t find shit they want to buy.

Posted By The Citrus Report