Tom Petty tells Michelle Bachmann, you are not my American Girl

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After Tea Party/Republican presidential candidate, Michelle “Palin 2″ Bachmann began using Tom Petty’s classic “American Girl” song as her campaign rallying song, the famed musician gave here a cease and desist letter. He is threatening to sue. After confusing John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy in a speech this past week, and now the Petty threatening of a suit, Bachmann is learning quickly that the stupid bullshit that dimwits provide on a campaign trail may prove costly. But America, you get what you ask for…

And, because the song is a classic…

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St Ides

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Biggie. Tupac. Wu-Tang. Ice Cube. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on. These are the heavy hitters of rap for the past 20 years, the Golden Age of hip-hop before auto-tune watered everything down, and before rappers thought they could sing and act, and before Ice Cube made us ask if we were there yet.  And before the mass commercialization of hip-hop and the rap game as a whole, a little company named St. Ides decided to use the heavy hitters of the game to promote their malt liquor, which by all counts, isn’t half bad.  Other than the stereotypes that bust into your head when the words rap and malt liquor are mentioned, the ads themselves were sicker than your dying puppy, featuring original verses by many of the MC’s featured in their campaign.  Check this incomplete classic featuring Biggie.

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