by Ariadna Zierold

Ben Eine‘s been busy on the west coast working on a new piece in Laguna Beach. The British street artist recently finished this “Charming” mural on a three story wall near Boat Canyon Road and the Pacific Coast Highway.

ben eine, mural, charming, laguna beach, california, the citrus report, upper playground

Eine’s trademark colorful typography adorns streets in cities all over the world, including LA, Mexico City, and Tokyo, and the artist also creates indoor installations and produces works on canvas in spray paint, acrylic, and glitter. Eine gained worldwide recognition when British Prime Minister David Cameron presented one of his works to President Obama during a state visit.


by Ariadna Zierold

The extremely talented Zio Ziegler recently spent some time in the city of Ross in California where he worked his magic on a massive new piece.

zio ziegler, mural, ross, california, the citrus report, upper playground
The American artist painted some of his unique tribal-like imagery using repeated motifs of primitive patterns, gigantism, and distortion. Ziegler’s work is currently influenced by Eastern philosophy, French modernism, Egyptology, Xavier Veilhan, Auguste Rodin, Thomas Houseago, Eddy Martinez and Georges Braque.

zio ziegler, mural, ross, california, the citrus report, upper playground zio ziegler, mural, ross, california, the citrus report, upper playground

Tectonics Mug by Upper Playground

Tectonics Mug Release

Over half a decade ago, Upper Playground released the Tectonics T-shirt, one of our favorite designs and our homage to JOY DIVISION’s UNKNOWN PLEASURES. As a token of gratitude to all the fans who have continued to make Tectonics a popular design, we’ve just released a collectible mug version of this unique piece.

Tectonics Coffee Mug


Upper Playground Releases New Logo Designs by Benjie Escobar

Upper Playground is pleased to announce the release of five new logo designs by artist and designer, Benjie Escobar. Benjie brings his eclectic background to the UP design table, creating original logos for Upper Playground and showcasing his style. All new designs are available in store and online at upperplayground.com.

About the Artist:
Benjie Escobar is an LA-based, multi-media artist and designer. His work and his aesthetic sensibilities come from a variety of influences that range from his childhood in Pomona, anime, lowrider bike culture, graffiti, raves, streetwear, DJ culture, Japan, typography, design & illustration and perhaps most importantly, hamburgers or was it pizza?

In addition to his creative work, Benjie is also a curator of art exhibitions, inventor of new zine genres, art-director of gourmet burger festivals and brand builder of countless companies and gives priceless off-the-cuff marketing tips to anyone who cares to listen, or just happens to be within earshot.


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New Addition To CA Records Collection By Upper Playground

New CA Records Pillow is being introduced to our popular CA Records Collection this week. Available in Black and Royal Blue, The CA Records Collection currently offers T-Shirts for Men and Women, alongside Crewnecks, Hoodies and Tank Tops. Follow us at @upperplayground IG and visit our online shop upperplayground.com

UP_CArecordsPillow_BLU_grande UP_CArecordsPillow_BLK_grande

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans project in San Diego, California

In early November,  PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans project teamed up with 8 high-profile international street artists who came San Diego to celebrate the oceans and highlight the plight of our seas. The featured artists who came from around the world were Daleast (China), Phlegm (UK), Tatiana Suarez (Miami, USA), Persue (San Diego, USA), Zio Ziegler (San Francisco, USA), Exist 1981 (San Diego, USA), Fintan Magee (Australia) and Nosego (Philadelphia, USA).  Checkout the results of this beautiful and ambitious project working to beautify cities and raise awareness on key issues such as overfishing, shark finning as well as highlighting the importance of sustainable seafood choices.

PHLEGM-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-2 DALEAST-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-2 DALEAST-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-3 Zio-Ziegler-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-2.JPG Zio-Ziegler-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-1 Tatiana-Suarez-Persue-Nosego-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-1 Tatiana-Suarez-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-2 Tatiana-Suarez-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-1   NOSEGO-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-1 Fintan-Magee-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-1 EXIST-1981-PangeaSeed-SanDiego-UpperPlayground-1

All photos by Tre’ Packard / PangeaSeed 2014

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a groundbreaking street art project created by PangeaSeed (PangeaSeed.org) members and supporting artists to help bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans into streets around the globe via art and activism.

By collaborating with internationally renowned artists, we create large-scale public murals and organize community-based educational efforts that focus attention on major environmental issues the oceans are currently facing and promote the importance of long-term sustainability of natural resources.

SEA WALLS: Murals for Oceans at Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Bumble Beer T-shirt and Hoodies: New Superfishal Design by Jeremy Fish

The new Bumble Beer design which cleverly plays on the images of a Bumble Bee, Bear and Beer is designed by artist and illustrator, Jeremy Fish. The designs are now available as a T-shirt and on Hoodies at Upper Playground this week.


The hoodies are a Classic Fit made of 10oz 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend and comes in Maroon for Men and Red for Women. Click on images below for a better look:

FISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Women-2-Upper-Playground FISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Women-Upper-PlaygroundFISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Burgundy-Upper-Playground FISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Burgundy-2-Upper-Playground