Wooster Collective on art patron, Kanye West

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Most of us who spend our days looking at art know that Kanye West is a big supporter of the arts, either through art collaborations or swiping his black Am/Ex card for a piece of art or three. Wooster Collective did a great job reminding people of Kanye’s position in the art world when they wrote recently, “More than just a collector, what many people might not know is that West has quickly emerged as one of our generations truly great art patrons.”

Murakami, Kaws, George Condo and the recent work with Marco Brambilla, we don’t think there is any denying that West, although a bit of an egomaniac, is an interesting guy who continues to push even himself to broaden his horizons. Let’s hope he keeps collaborating and doing interesting things visually and doesn’t worry about semi-interesting Beyonce videos.

Posted By The Citrus Report