New Shinganist T-shirt Designs by Usugrow

Upper Playground and Usugrow is proud to release two new designs for the UP Shinganist collection.  The two designs which showcase Usugrow’s signature calligraphic style will be available in Black, White and in Grey.  Released just in time for the artist’s opening of his solo show, ‘INKFLOW’ at Fifty24SF Gallery, these shirts will sell out fast so grab them while you can.


burial-black-upperplayground burial-grey-upperplayground

‘On the Road’:

on-the-road-grey-upperplayground on-the-road-white-upperplayground

25 Things We Liked In Music In 2011

Bon Iver I Can’t Make You Love Me 25 Things We Liked In Music In 2011 Woods watch the throne the drums Radiohead Noel Gallagher Kanye West jamie xx girls four tet dirty beaches burial bon iver best of 2011 best of beach fossils atlas sound

We wanted to make a list, a top-21 list, but we think order doesn’t really matter to us anymore. It just about impact, and we aren’t talking about the impact that these songs had on the world-at-large, but the songs that we cherished, remembered, spent time with, and really felt defined our lives in 2011. Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Girls, Radiohead, Noel Gallagher, Dirty Beaches, Beach Fossils, Real Estate, and Woods all called our stereo home, while Madlib, Shabazz Palaces, and the Beastie Boys all had their major moments with us on various drives/road trips/moments in the city this year. So without further ado, here are 25 songs that we feel entered our canon of favorites this year. Enjoy, and welcome to 2012. —Raymond Brown / The Citrus Report staff

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18th-Century Ship Found at World Trade Center Construction site

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This is kind of badass, almost Roman Empire ruins kind of badass. An 18th-century ship, or what is left of it, was found at the World Trade Center construction site the other day, which measured about 30-foot in length was discovered about 20 to 30 feet below street level. If you have been to that part of Manhattan, you know that the shoreline is a few blocks away, so obviously a bit of landfill and whatnot had extended the skinny island over the past 200+ years.

From the NY Times City Room, “A 1797 map shows that the excavation site is close to where Lindsey’s Wharf and Lake’s Wharf once projected into the Hudson. So, no matter how many mysteries now surround the vessel, it may turn out that the ghost even has a name.”

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