Definitely Thursday: “Let’s All Make Believe”

One of those epic Oasis tracks that was sent to B-side even though it would be any other bands A-side, “Let’s All Make Believe” seems to be one of the most personal songs between Noel and Liam in the Oasis catalog. There is something sad about this song, as if they knew it would never work, the brothers were always going to disagree with each other.

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Someone looked into it, created a list of cooleset team nicknames

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The Steel Curtain was a great one. The Doctors of Dunk from the early 1980’s Louisville teams, again, fresh. The Pittsburgh Pirates in the early to mid-1970s called themselves the “Lumber Company.”

Our all-time favorite was Big Mac and Jose’s “The Bash Brothers,” creating the best poster ever:

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The Best Idea on the internet: Pay Weezer $10 million to break up

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James Burns has come up with an ingenious way to try and finally force the band Weezer to quit sucking: pay them $10 million dollars to shut up.  He needs your support…  In his words:

I have never been a fan of this band. I think that they are pretty much horrible, and always have been. Even in the early 90’s.

But this isn’t about me. This is about the Weezer fans. They are our brothers and sisters, our friends, our lovers.

Every year, Rivers Cuomo swears that he’s changed, and that their new album is the best thing that he’s done since “Pinkerton,” and what happens? Another pile of crap like “Beverly Hills” or “I’m Your Daddy.”

This is an abusive relationship, and it needs to stop now.

I am tired of my friends being disappointed year after year.

I am tired of endless whimsical cutesy album covers and music videos.

I’m sick of hearing about whatever this terrible (and yes, even if you like the early stuff, you should be able to admit that they are wretched now) excuse for a band is up to these days.

If all 852,000 of you (really?) who bought “Pinkerton” pitch in $12, we will meet our goal.

I beg you, Weezer. Take our money and disappear.

To donate click here

For The Strangers interview / article / and Weezer’s response about the whole thing click here

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We love Buster Posey, and we hope the San Francisco Giants clinch tonight

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We respect our brothers and sister in San Diego who are Padres fans, but for we in the Bay Area, our love of Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, and Matt Cain is far too great to care about feelings today. If the Giants win tonight, our San Francisco team at 3rd and King makes it to the playoffs after 7 years of waiting (that is long to us, and we haven’t won a World Series since 1954, so waiting is painful all together). Buster, we salute you, Matt Cain, give them hell tonight, and hopefully Aubrey Huff hits a dinger to get the party started all over SF tonight.

Read this nice piece on Buster here.

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Levi Strauss for Brooks Brothers is kind of interesting

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It doesn’t get much more classic and American than a Levi Strauss for Brooks Brothers jean. And as HighSnobiety reports, “Levi’s 501, 505 and 514 will all be available in six different washes, co-branded with Brooks Brothers labeling. Keeping things American, all jeans are made in Los Angeles. On sale today at Brooks Brothers stores.”

Nice, all jeans made here, they way it should be when two American brands get together to tango. Go buy a pair today.

Also, when was the last time you heard Levi’s being called Levi Strauss? We think they may be a different brand under the big umbrella.

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A great web feature/journal of the Gitman Brothers factory

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There is a fantastic blog on a tour of the Gitman Brothers factory in Ashland, Pennsylvania done by the good people/person of We are huge fans of Gitman Vintage, a line of shirts still made right there, in Ashland, PA, and of course, it has been revamped a bit the last 3 or 4 seasons, but its all based on the the vintage Gitman Brothers cuts and patterns.

If you have Gitman shirts, you know, there is nothing better out there right now. The fit, the material, and the construction all appears top-notch, and from this blog, you can see the ladies who actually construct them, right here in the USA! This posts makes us want to continue the support of the brand. Make sure you read the history, too, in the blog post, they did a really good job on the story of Gitman.

Gitman Bros. Factory Visit – The Doghouse from all plaidout on Vimeo.

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