We would drink some Bitches Brew

We would drink some Bitches Brew” posted from: The Citrus Report | Art, Culture, News, Graffiti, Music, Street Art, Clothing, Politics, Reviews

Dogfish Head keeps bringing the interesting beers to the forefront, and for that we applaud them. This time its a beer called “Bitches Brew,” after a revolutionary man, Miles Davis, and a revolutionary jazz-rock fusion (that doesn’t do it justice, but you get the drift) album, Bitches Brew. We saw this on Selectism, where they note the stout beer was made for the “40th anniversary of Bitches Brew. At 9% ABV, the beer fuses an imperial stout with a thread honey beer laced with gesho root.” Ah, 9%, that will get you nice and warm after a few sips.

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