Tectonics Mug by Upper Playground

Tectonics Mug Release

Over half a decade ago, Upper Playground released the Tectonics T-shirt, one of our favorite designs and our homage to JOY DIVISION’s UNKNOWN PLEASURES. As a token of gratitude to all the fans who have continued to make Tectonics a popular design, we’ve just released a collectible mug version of this unique piece.

Tectonics Coffee Mug


Swoon in Paris video…

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Nothing like a nice Swoon video to end the day. We must have missed this when Swoon was doing the prints with Upper Playground. This was made by the good people (well, we say good people but we don’t know them but we like what they are doing and if you do something with Swoon chances are you are good) of Art For Breakfast.

IN THE STREETS WITH SWOON from Art For Breakfast – Le Royal Mon on Vimeo.

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An Infinite Voyage and Everything in Between: A Traveling Art Project from Miami to Los Angeles Part III

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foggy freeway in texas

We left New Orleans, drove straight through Houston and, eight and a half hours later, landed in Austin at the crack of dawn. I’ve been to Austin two years ago, coming here for the first time to attend the music festival SXSW. Arriving with the Infinite Wanderlust gang this time on a whim has allowed me to enjoy it at a much more laid back pace.

We drove through the entire town, exploring the different neighborhoods and on our last drops of gas, made it out to a small town in the hills surrounding Austin to Saltlick. This restaurant immediately felt cozy and welcoming. The place was packed with large parties of large people sitting on wide seated rustic picnic tables all sharing numerous plates piled high with meat and bones. The pit where they cook the meat is also in view of everyone passing by and we were drooling as we were guided to our seats by our hostess. Our breakfast was a giant plate of barbecued ribs, sausage, brisket, coleslaw, beans, mashed potatoes, jalapenos, pickles, onions, bread, and pecan pie with ice cream. Everybody should go here if they get the chance. A lumberjack would be satisfied.

our breakfast in austin

Afterwards, we parked along the shores of the Colorado River near Austin Lake. A quick walk along the pathway led us to a dock with canoe paddling for rent by the hour. Even in the middle of December, the weather was perfect;  Austin offered us the best days of perfectly clear skies and a warm day on the entire trip so far. The sunshine was bright and a cool breeze was blowing through the fresh air. Sherry wanted to take a walk around the lake since we had been in the car for the last couple days, even sleeping in it too, sharing shifts of driving. There were lots of people strolling around, running, biking and walking their dogs. Jason brought his typewriter and was writing stories on a picnic bench. Saelee was laying down on the dock and was reading a book she got at the Austin Salvation Army. I rented a canoe and went around the lake for a while. Being out in the middle of the cool, dark emerald water was relaxing until I had to pee and the sound of the oars lapping the water wasn’t helping. So that cut my ride short, but it was meant to be because as I brought the canoe back onto the dock, I saw Jason and Saelee and some other people surrounded around a black swan.

magical black swan

Black swans most commonly reside where I come from in Australia and they’re a rarity here. I had chat with the man who fed the swans regularly and was their unofficial caretaker. He said that black swans are endangered and he’s not sure how this one got here. He thinks some rich person paid lot of money for it and it escaped. Our new feathered pal was especially friendly to everyone that day. We were petting him and he was comfortable enough to poop three giant green turds the size of breakfast sausage links. After the lake we needed to find some wifi to work and went to the Whole Foods flagship store which is the biggest most enormous Whole Foods I’ve ever been to. Almost as big as the swan’s turds.

-Arnold Coludy

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Rolling Stone ranks 13 films that define a generation

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Peter Travers, who is Mr. Film Guy at Rolling Stone, decided that because he liked “The Social Network” so much, he was going to define it as a movie that defines a generation. This generation. And then Travers went on to rank 12 other films that defined a generation, like “Rebel Without A Cause,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Fight Club,” “2001,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “Spinal Tap,” and some others.

We were hoping for “Batteries Not Included” or “Eat Pray Love,” but wishing is just that.

Look at the full list here.

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The Breakfast Club reunion

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Whoah, we feel old, as it has been 25 years since the iconic The Breakfast Club first came off the John Hughes presses. Not that we were really that aware of the film at the time, because we were quite young, but it only took a few years later and a VHS that our parents left out and we heard some of our first “fucks,” “shits,” and a bunch of other great slang.

Whatever Daytime TV Recap Yahoo! is, they have some special on the 25th Anniversary of The Breakfast Club. Watch, learn.

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