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With the new school year finally underway, it’s time to give some well deserved attention to your Visual Education department. For the first time ever, Upper Playground is making its entire book catalog on sale for the first week of October. Don’t be tardy, many of these titles are down to the last few copies. This 25% off sale ends at midnight on October 7th. Use promo code: Bookshelf25

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Jeremy Fish, Illustrations, Animals, SF, San FranciscoZero Friends, Alex Pardee, Creepy, Creatures, SF, San FranciscoUsugrow, Pen, Ink, Japan, Japanese, Black and WhiteDavid Choe, Watercolors, Girls, Spraypaint

Book to Buy: The Furniture of Charles & Ray Eames

eames6 grande Book to Buy: The Furniture of Charles & Ray Eames ray and charles eames furniture Eames Books

Something for the inspiration and coffee table… The Furniture of Charles & Ray Eames. “A hardcover book created by Vitra which looks to commemorate the 100th birthday (1907 – 2007) of Charles Eames and is entitled “The Furniture of Charles & Ray Eames.

“This volume primarily focuses on their furniture design and is grouped into categories based on materials such as plywood, plastic, wire and aluminium, all of the Eames designs produced by Vitra are presented in great detail.

“The book also showcases reproductions of vintage photographs and documents which are accompanied by explanatory texts providing in-depth information on the historical background and distinctive structural features of the furniture designs.”

Buy it here.

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Watch: The first Google, the Whole Earth Catalog

Steve Jobs called The Whole Earth Catalog “one of the bibles of my generation”. He went on to explain in his Stanford commencement speech in 2005, “It was sort of like Google in paperback form, 35 years before Google came along: it was idealistic, and overflowing with neat tools and great notions”.

The Whole Earth Catalog was a kind of “unofficial handbook of the counterculture”. It was, pre-Internet, a way for anyone anywhere to tap into a global economy. Founder and editor Stewart Brand set out to create a catalog- like the then-very-practical-and-universal catalog L.L. Bean- that would showcase all of the great tools of the world to help anyone do things for themselves or learn about big ideas.

Lloyd Kahn was the Shelter editor of the catalog. Kahn, an insurance broker-turned-builder, leveraged his experience with Whole Earth and began to publish his own books. First, he wrote very popular books on dome building. Kahn had become “the spokesman for the counterculture on domes” (his dome home even appeared in Life Magazine), but he took the books out of print when he decided the building style just wasn’t practical and “I didn’t want any more domes on my kharma”.

In 1974 Kahn took down his dome and replaced it with a more traditional handmade home. “Built stud-frame house using recycled lumber, doors, windows,” he writes in his 2004 book Home Work, “Relief somehow to discover old ways can work best.”

Today, Lloyd and his wife Lesley Creed run their own homestead in Bolinas, California where they tend an extensive organic garden and bantam chickens, grind their own wheat, make their own sourdough, spin their own wool, and continue to build their own structures (most recently, a chicken coop with a living roof).

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Olivier Zahm at Leadapron, “The Secrets of Photographing Women”

oliver zahm the secrets of photographing women exhibition leadapron 605x403 Olivier Zahm at Leadapron, “The Secrets of Photographing Women”  Warhol sweden olivier zahm leadapron gallery Books andy warhol 1968

First off, if you are an art fan, and love art books, Leadapron in West Los Angeles is one of the most tasteful, and beautiful, art bookstores we have ever been in. The Citrus Report went and checked the shop out yesterday, but also to see Purple Fashion Magazine editor, Olivier Zahm’s new photo exhibit, “The Secrets of Photographing Women.” The show is ridiculous in that it shows a fictional world that only Zahm lives in, but in Leadapron, it looks really nice. The show is up until June 12, check it out.

Mainly, just go to Leadapron to see this Warhol print for his 1968 show in Sweden, his first international retrospective.

Warhol Olivier Zahm at Leadapron, “The Secrets of Photographing Women”  Warhol sweden olivier zahm leadapron gallery Books andy warhol 1968

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30,000 Books Make A Tower

Tower of Babel 002 605x403 30,000 Books Make A Tower tower of books Books book capital Argentina 2011

Argentinian artist Marta Minujin just built a 25-meter tower made of 30,000 books in an Martin Square, Buenos Aires to mark the Argentinian city’s naming as 2011 World Book Capital. And to some of our readers, these are books, and people used to, and still, read them from time to time. Sometimes us, but not often enough.

Tower of Babel 008 605x409 30,000 Books Make A Tower tower of books Books book capital Argentina 2011

Tower of Babel 006 30,000 Books Make A Tower tower of books Books book capital Argentina 2011

Tower of Babel 003 30,000 Books Make A Tower tower of books Books book capital Argentina 2011


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Photographs by Isaac Joel Torres

I am based out of the great city of Chicago. Go Bulls!

I take pictures of everything and anything mostly. I do this full time so anything I can get my hands on I’ll do, yet I try to be selective with the projects I choose. I like to do fashion photography the most though. That’s my main portfolio.

Uff I use a variety of camera’s. Depends on what I am looking for. Digital I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and film I shoot with a Mamiya C330 TLR, Nikon FM2, Contax T2, Fuji Instax, and a Lomo LC-A

I had a photography class in college but I dropped out after the second time I went because it was going to be way too expensive. So technically no, I am not formally trained. All self taught.

My influences are cliche – films, music, and other artists. I look at a lot of fashion magazines and blogs. Throughout the day an Idea just jumps at me regarding a pose or style and I quickly sketch it or jot it down somewhere for future use.

Hmm I’d like to say shooting for more magazines or brands and maybe celebs. I’m not looking to be a millionaire or anything. Just want a chance to show my work, get better at it and to make people’s eyes happy and hopefully keep making a decent living. I’m thinking of trying video out. I went to school for illustration so quite possibly incorporate my illustration with my photography somehow. I’d like to show at more galleries, sell photo books and prints.

Pizza, Watches, Antique Stores, Books, Movies, Tumblr, Wine and Scotch…And working with very talented people that help me get the exposure I need. It’s great meeting new people that are honest and hard working and are always willing to help. Having beautiful subjects is of course a plus also. (Cheesy smile) All these things make me happy!

FYI I am colorblind so I see colors a bit differently then the average person. I look for detail and color in my work just as I do with my illustration. Thanks for the opportunity and please keep following my work.

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Matthew Hollister Illustrator and old school zine maker

Where do you live?
I live in Seattle, WA.

What kind of artist are you?
I’m an illustrator.

Can you talk a little about your books and zines? How long did you do that for
and how many do you think you have made.
Most of the work I do is for magazines, and is very art directed. Making zines is something
I first started doing with friends when I moved to Brooklyn, and it has always been an outlet
that allows me to focus on my own interests and just having fun. It also feels great to make things
that are multiples so you can hand them out to people. I’m not sure how many I’ve made over the
years, but hopefully I’ll continue to produce them more often.

What other artist inspire you?
I’m inspired by all kinds of work, and from a really varied spectrum. I’m inspired the most by my
friends and peers, the people close to me who are doing things that are exciting. People like
Fogelson-Lubliner, Eric Elms, and everyone else who participates in The Holster. As far as artists I
don’t know who I really like right now a short list would include Stuart Davis, Ivan Chermayeff, Donald Brun, and Rambler Port of Beaumont.

See more of his work at www.matthewhollister.com

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