Porous Walker, Ferris Plock, and Skinner promote Jim Dirschberger’s “Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer”

Posted from The Citrus Report

We just got this message from our good friend, Kristin Farr, about this film and the posters being made to support it. So we are breaking this post down to what the film Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer is about, and then the second part is about the films.

About the film:
“Honest Man” is an independently produced feature-length documentary that explores the bribery scandal that led Budd Dwyer, a former Pennsylvania politician, to commit suicide at a press conference January 22, 1987. The film features exclusive new interviews with Dwyer’s family, friends, and colleagues, including a candid, heartfelt interview with Dwyer’s widow – her last before her death in 2009 – and a rare, revealing interview with William Smith, the man whose testimony convicted Dwyer. This portrait of a man swept up in the turbulent and cutthroat political world of the 1980s will undoubtedly raise important questions about Dwyer’s presumed guilt.

The Posters:
To promote the film Bay Area artists Ferris Plock, Skinner, Jason Vivona, David Young and Porous Walker have joined together to create a unique series of poster art for the film. Not only is this an opportunity to own an extremely rare (only 20 copies of each design was printed), high quality piece of artwork (11