American tragedy: Cheating at U.S. Open rocks bass-fishing community

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Look how stunned these men look. Because we don’t know anything about the bass-fishing community, especially on a professional level, as we quit the game in about 1995, we have to go to an outside source on this one:

A professional angler found to have stuffed lead sinkers down the throats of fish he submitted for weigh-ins during a prestigious bass-fishing tournament has been banned for life from that and other competitions in a scandal that has rocked the tight-knit and passionate bass-fishing community.

Mike Hart, a successful Southern California pro whose career earnings total more than $200,000, was accused of cheating in this manner during the recent $100,000 U.S. Open held at sprawling Lake Mead on the Nevada-Arizona border. An official with the Western Outdoor News bass tour said Hart confessed after he was caught virtually red-handed.

Wow, we are shocked. Confused really, but definitely shocked. Read more here.

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