Nothing like finding an Ansel Adams worth a cool couple hundred million at a garagae sale

Posted from The Citrus Report

Last time we went to a garage sale, we found He-Man action figures and a poster of some crappy Charles Grodin early 1990s movie, and this dude finds “65 glass plates in boxes of photographic negatives created more than 80 years ago by Ansel Adams”? Well, that is just great. Why isn’t Charles Grodin an icon like Ansel Adams?

Oh, these are the long-lost images of Ansel Adams, the missing link in the history of one of the most iconic American photographers to ever live? Oh how cute, the man who owns these now, Rick Norsigian, was looking for a barber chair. Wonder if he ever found it? Why aren’t they doing some investigative reporting on that?

Posted By The Citrus Report