Cheyenne Randall “Tattoos” Hollywood

Artist, Cheyenne Randall, has given the biggest names in pop culture a little edge by photo-shoppping tattoos onto everyone from Bill Murray to Britney Spears. His popular Instagram account indiangiver shares full sleeves and neck tattoos on Elvis, Julia Roberts, Lindsay Lohan, Prince William, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Newman, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, among many others. Check out some of our favorites from his Shopped Tattoos series.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton


Jerry Garcia


Bruce Springsteen


David Hasselhoff


Bill Murray

Tiffani Thiessen

Johnny Cash

Britney Spears

Stand By Me

See more of Cheyenne’s work here: Cheyenne Randall

Obama Finally Takes the Stand.

obama same sex marriage 424x318 424x318 Obama Finally Takes the Stand.  same sex marriage Barack Obama

Unprecedented, and absolutely necessary in 2012, President Obama finally took the stand he should have taken in 2008, and announced today that he feels same-sex marriage should be legal. It almost seems absurd in 2012, living in San Francisco, to think otherwise, to deny a simple human right such as marriage, but we finally have a President (and Vice President) rightfully taking the position and proclaiming that same sex couples should be able to marry.

He said in an interview with ABC News, “At a certain point, I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” Mr. Obama said.


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When Willie Mays and Barack Obama met in the White House

Screen shot 2011 07 25 at 3.33.06 PM When Willie Mays and Barack Obama met in the White House Willie Mays sf giants president obama Obama Brian Wilson

Pretty damn awesome today that the SF Giants made sure that the greatest of them all, Willie Mays, got to be on hand to meet President Obama for the honorary “World Series Winner Meets the President” gig. Damn cool. The Giants did proper on that. And, of course, Brian Wilson kept it clean…. cleanish. Images via SF Chronicle.

Screen shot 2011 07 25 at 3.32.00 PM When Willie Mays and Barack Obama met in the White House Willie Mays sf giants president obama Obama Brian Wilson

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Rolling Stone on How Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying America

a6a33c2fec8836fdac4f3fa85ba7b38a9d7964c6 Rolling Stone on How Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying America rolling stone Osama new mexico jfk fema conspiracy theory Barack Obama aliens 9 11

This is a nice piece for both liberals and conservatives to read, the concept about how conspiracy theories have destroyed common sense and dialogue in the United States. Take for instance, Barack Obama not being born in the USA. That was, instead of jobs, wars, and the economy, on the tip of conservatives wishlist for about 3 years now: where is the birth certificate, Obama is Muslim and born in a jungle in Indonesia.

As Rolling Stone notes in a recent post, “Canadian journalist Jonathan Kay, who has a new book out about conspiracism, has written Internet-fueled conspiracy theories have caused ‘nothing less than a rift in the fabric of consensual American reality’ – meaning, we don’t agree anymore on what reality is.”

Here are some conspiracy theories worth noting:

1) 9/11 was an “inside job”
2) Doctors concocted the AIDS virus
3) JFK was killed by the FBI, Mafia, Cuba, etc.
4) Moon landing was staged (we actually like that one)
5) Aliens landed in New Mexico
6) Osama is alive, or died years ago
7) FEMA has death camps at the ready (there ability to respond to a crisis is a death camp, not so much having a death camp)

Read more here.

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Game Over. Re-election. Osama v Obama. Obama Wins.

Osama Obama Dead Game Over. Re election. Osama v Obama. Obama Wins.  Qaddafi osama bin laden Obama killed donald trump dead Barack Obama

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you shut Donald Trump’s motherfucking mouth up. And, you send a message to the Republicans at the same time: On Saturday I killed Qadaffi’s child and grandchildren, and on Sunday I killed Osama Bin Laden. What did you do this weekend?

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Election Day

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So another election is upon us. November 2, 2010. Its seems like ages ago, we were celebrating in the streets across America over the victory of Barack Obama and simply “Change.” We felt like the world was ours, and Obama could do anything.

This year, most of the local measures have to do with more taxation and have very little imagination or creativity. We here at the Citrus Report would like to propose an idea:

How about politicians use their brains to figure out how to actually think like small business people that have to continually innovate to deal with the very 2-dimensional thinking “Tax It: solution that politicians usually resort to when they can’t maker their budgets.

Here is a gimme for the city of SF: Turn SF into the premier destination to see murals, graffiti and ephemeral art. Why? When the city of Barcelona had liberal laws regarding this type of work, many artists and people who appreciate this type of work, those would actually travel to see graffiti and good murals, would make pilgrimage to Barcelona to see the work.

Why does it make fiscal sense? Because the city doesn’t have to pay SHIT! They pay nada, nothing, zip.We are not talking about a museum. We are talking about smart city planning where the city itself can serve as liaisons between property owners and artists. All we have to look at is the Banksy work showing up around SF and the world and property value going up in conjunction with the work showing up. Property owners won’t have to worry that the art was devaluing their investment, and would see values rise as their homes and businesses are featured as pieces of art.

The fact that the city could, with zero money down, could transform city walls and architecture into huge canvases throughout the city to create work could potentially make it a must-see destination for all art and culture lovers. Cities and cultures thrive with the arts, why not nurture this effect.

What are the residual effects that go along with this simple process:
1) Artists come from throughout the world to your city, creating buzz and expectations
2) If you have the best artists in your city, you capture their creativity to stimulate other surrounding businesses
3) If the work is dynamic enough, the visitor and their word of mouth will touch other people to come and spend money at our restaurants, boutiques, and hotels

Another value of a city wide arts program that we suggest is with great artists coming to the area, a private gallery environment will flourish:
1) More tax dollars on private work being sold
2) More visits from art collectors and wealthier philanthropists from throughout the world will again increase spending and help the city’s other programs

What we feel is that being able to lay claim to the title of “Most interesting public art city in the world” is something you can’t buy. But the good thing is that its a simple nurturing process that most progressive cities, like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, or Boston, can achieve. It takes forward-thinking, yet rational local politicians to put it into action.

We are not lawyers, politicians, or city planners, but we are positive thinkers who feel that the power of art is something that resonates greater than our city’s borders. Its in the history of society, and its time to push the public art to the forefront of city planning.

Let’s not wait until 2012.

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Obama and Steve Jobs met yesterday in San Francisco…

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So many snarky things to write at this moment, where does one even start? Steve Jobs could really teach Obama about the art of “getting things done, changing the way people think and shop, and making those things look pretty and sleek.” In fact, that is exactly what Obama sold us all 2008. . . so Steve Jobs is like Obama circa 2008, but still working it out in 2010.

Read more about why they met here at the Fortune site.

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