Japanese pop star is computer generated

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According to NME, “A member of a top Japanese pop group was not actually a real human being, it has been revealed. Eguchi Aimi was supposed to be the newest member of all-girl group AKB48, but she was actually a composite of six of her bandmates. A video has been released showing how the girls’ features were blended together for the rather convincing publicity stunt.” We’re not quite sure how computer generating a pop star is any different than KE$HA.

Meanwhile, the sixth member of Matchbox 20 is nowhere to be found.

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Yo La Tengo act out a Seinfeld script, then a full set of music in Chicago

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We love Yo La Tengo just as much as any other 25-40 year old who went to a mostly white university over the past 15-20 years. They are really solid. But they became ever more solid when they decided that after 20 years of touring, they would rather act out a Seinfeld script then play a set of music.

Those who attended Yo La Tengo’s Friday night performance in Chicago were treated to an odd surprise. As they’ve done every night this tour, the bandmates invited an audience member onstage to spin a giant wheel at the onset of the show. The wheel, which determines how each night proceeds (depending on how it spins, audience members could be in for a set by the band’s garage-rock doppelgangers, the Condo Fucks, or even an entire night consisting of songs that begin with the letter ‘S’), came to rest on an interesting command: “act out a classic sitcom.” Yo La Tengo followed the wheel’s advice by reading their way through an entire Seinfeld script, to mixed reactions from the crowd. They followed the impromptu performance with a full set.

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