First and Final Fridays: The Clientele “God Save the Clientele”

10206 god save the clientele First and Final Fridays: The Clientele God Save the Clientele the clientele god save the clientele first and final fridays

Of all the great Clientele albums, of which their entire canon is solid, the light Autumn buzz over 2007′s God Save the Clientele remains their finest. The London band had pushed their sound the slightest with 2005 Strange Geometry, and the opening track on God Save, “Here Comes the Phantom” is indeed our favorite. And a nice simple ending in “Dreams of Leaving” rounds it out perfectly.

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WTAPS Fall/Winter 2010 “Rokudenashi” line looks like some Ivy League 1948 vibe

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And we like it. WTAPS does really good work, and there more “I want to dress like an adult” line will be so damn expensive that you will afford only to stare at it on the rack, it does look pretty damn fresh.

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