Boogie in the city of Bor, Serbia, August 2010

Boogie spent a few days in Bor, Serbia this past month, and took a bunch of, typically, beautiful photos, and wrote this short essay:

Bor is a city in eastern Serbia which revolves around one of Europe’s biggest copper mines, once the pride of ex-Yugoslavian industry. In the 1990s, during the time of sanctions on Serbia, production in this mine dropped significantly and many people left the area. Outdated technology and the fact that the copper melting plant is in the center of the city have made Bor one of the most polluted cities in the Balkans, with the highest level of sulphur-dioxide (SO2) concentration in Europe. has a feature on Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra is the current cover of Juxtapoz Magazine, and they have a nice companion feature on the Mexico-based tattoo and fine artist. Caleb Neelon, who is a writer and artist himself, interviewed Lakra, and they had this exchange:

Caleb: I heard that somewhere along in this time, your work came out in the very first issue of Juxtapoz.

Dr. Lakra: When the first issue came out I think they invited a few people to participate or to recommend people they liked. One of those people was Ed Hardy, and he recommended me. I met him at a few conventions, maybe a few months before that, around 1993, and the magazine came out in 1994.

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Grotesk’s new Capsule Collection for Upper Playground is kind of fresh

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The good people at Upper Playground just released four new high-quality Reggae and Dancehall inspired T-shirts designed by the artist Grotesk. That one up there, that is the one we want.

Here is the full press release: “As evidenced by his artistic style, Grotesk became heavily influenced by Reggae and Dancehall music when he was a late teen in Geneva, Switzerland; and while looking through his friend’s record collections of this genre, discovered the album artwork of Wilfred Limonious.  Wilfred’s work has graced the covers of countless albums and as Grotesk puts it, “symbolizes to Dancehall what the Ultimate Breaks & Beats covers are for Hip Hop.”  More recently, while tracking down Reggae albums in Brooklyn, Grotesk found the “Stalag 17-18 and 19” collection that Wilfred designed, and immediately decided to create a collection of graphics in posthumous respect to his body of work.  The result is these four t-shirts, made as a visual souvenir by Grotesk about the music and art that he grew up on.  All four t-shirts are available at Upper Playground retail locations and online at the Upper Playground web store.

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Morning Ritual: Melita Toniolo for Playboy Italia

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Friends of the Citrus Report, Alex and Justin, reminded us that Playboy Italia is a tad more classy then its American step-father. Melita Toniolo is the first example…. we posted something on Melita a few weeks back, but this has a a few pictures.

And for the really NSFW shot…

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